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Posted by Grace under General Info on April 7, 2015

Do you want to watch Manny Pacquiao boxing live? On May 2, you can watch Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather through pay per views. But today, try to watch the life story of Manny Pacquiao. Kid Kulafu is now showing on Cinema, many Filipino admire Manny Pacquiao, everytime he has another fight, Filipinos from any part of the world are watching.
He had so many fights, we arewatching him inside the boxing ring. What did you noticed about Manny Pacquiao when he’s inside the ring? Update: Don’t get scammed by anyone who is offering  a FREE PPV Livestream of Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao 2015

He has a aggressive action. He is willing to get hurt but his mind his to take more punch especially his left hand. Aggressiveness is his secret. You know what, if you will apply “aggressiveness” in your career or business, your success is very near.


Willing to Win
He has a winning-attitude, he fight to win, his mindset is to win. Sometimes he didn’t won the fight, but what have you noticed about his attitude when he loose the fight? He will responds immediately to “rematch”.

A winning attitude is very important if you want to become successful. I remember the old saying “if you want to succeed, be willing to fail million times”.

What about in real life? What can you say about Manny Pacquiao? About his leadership, his faith, his human relations, let’s talk about it. Manny Pacquiao in our observation is;

  • He is a Leader
  • He is Generous
  • He Practice Nationalism
  • He is Humble
  • He Do Believe in God

These are the characteristics of Manny Pacquiao. Being a boxer and at the same time a congressman is a hard task and responsibility. He is a generous man. He donate money to charity, he give money to the community. He know how to practice nationalism, he is a proud Pinoy. He is humble and the most important is he trust God not his own power and skills.

On May 2 (USA time) and May 3 2015 (Philippine Time) Watch Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayeweather, Jr live, and observe Manny Pacquiao from starting of the fight unto the end. He will pray first, he will kiss his rosary and he will become aggressive although his opponent his bigger than him.

There are many ways on how to watch Manny Pacquiao boxing live. Would you like to add some attitude and characteristics of Manny Pacquiao? Do write it in the comment box. Thank you for reading the lessons you can learn from Manny Pacquiao.

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  1. Grace says:

    Update: Manny Pacquiao VS Jeff Horn on July 2, according to the challenger’s promoters Duco Events.

    Watch Manny Pacquiao VS Jeff Horn live streaming online, other readers will surely share the link on how to watch the fight of Pacquiao Vs. Horn.

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