SEO Techniques: Popular Search Engine Optimization Tips

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Too many SEO techniques we can read on forums and blogs. SEO experts share their ideas on how to rank our blog or website using specific keywords. Which SEO strategy do we need to use in order for us to not waste time and get the results we really want for our blog/web pages.

Making your web page in the top spot in Google is awesome. If your blog or web page ranked number 1 in Google, you will receive more organic traffic. However, it is not easy to rank a web page in Google nowadays. It requires intelligent SEO planning.


SEO planning is very important. Without SEO plan, you will never get your desired results. It is because ranking a webpage nowadays is very hard compare to the previous years whereas SEO experts can easily rank a specific keywords just use their keywords repeatedly in their article.

SEO Techniques: Popular Search Engine Optimization Tips

Here are the popular SEO techniques I always read whenever I am looking for the best search engine optimization tips. I followed some of these tips, they worked. Other SEO techniques won’t. Other bloggers and webmasters force Google to index their web page or blog post immediately.

SEO or search engine optimization is based on the two major techniques, the on-page seo and the off-page seo. On-page SEO will guide about the things to consider when you design your webpage, when you create an article, etc. While Off-Page SEO will guide you about getting back links and how to make your webpage become popular.

On-Page SEO Techniques

1. Website Analysis

2. Meta Tags(Title, Description, Keywords)

3. Sitemap.xml

4. Robots.txt

5. Site Loading Speed

6. Website URL Structure

7. Site Designing

8. Image Alt Tags

Off-Page SEO Technqiues

1. Social bookmarking

2. Directory submission

3. Classified Ads

4. Local business listing

5. Forum posting

6. PPT Submissions

7. QNA(question and answer)

8. Web2.0

9. Blog writing and submission

10. Infographic

Which SEO techniques do you prefer? In, I don’t care too much about SEO. In my experience, the more quality articles I wrote for my readers, the better. Don’t get me wrong. Some bloggers and webmaster misused the SEO, other abused SEO.

In what way do bloggers and webmaster do misused SEO? They just write, they don’t include the keywords (most searched keywords and relevant keywords) in their article. They abused SEO because they perform keyword stuffing. They use the same keywords over and over again in their articles.

SEO Techniques I Personally Use

I perform basic On-Page search engine optimization. Keywords in the title tag, in the meta description, keywords should be bold, in H2 and H3 and in ALT text in image. Aside from that SEO basic, I just write naturally. I do make sure that my articles is easy to understand by humans.

Whenever we want expert advice, we should know who is the real SEO expert. This time, let me share some of the SEO tips from Matt Cutts;

SEO Tips from Matt Cutts

He adviced to use the Web Master Tool. Do not compete with the high competition keyords instead use less competitive keywords. Do not forget to add few targetter keywords. When creating a website or blogs, create them fro users not for search engines. And when writing a blog post, we should just write naturally and avoid spam.

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What about you? Do you prefer to spend a lot of time in performing SEO or do you have your own SEO techniques used in your blog or website? Share your opinions and other SEO strategy in the comment box. Let us find out which SEO techniques is the effective one.

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