How to Sell Something on Facebook?

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Learn how to sell something on Facebook. From a small stuff like electronic gadgets (cellphones, smartphones of any brands like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy), furnitures like bed, cabinet, table and chairs, cars and trucks and even real estate properties can sell using Facebook.

Selling something on Facebook will become very easy if you know your target audience. In this page, let me teach you how to sell stuff on Facebook. There are many people who are using Facebook to find items for sale, take advantage of it.


How to Sell Something on Facebook?

So, you’re ready to sell something on Facebook? Are you a real estate agent, a car agent or you just want to disposed some of your unused stuffs. Old stuffs, new stuffs are easy to sell nowadays.

Thanks to the power of internet. Because of Facebook and other social medias, we can now sell something and even anything online.

Prepare Your Items for Sale

Prepare your items for sale (cars, houses, lots, gadgets, books, etc). Prepare at least 3 to 5 pictures of your items for sale. take a picture of your items for sale from front view, rear view, right side view and left side view.

Make sure you capture your items properly. People will not going to buy items which they think it looks like a damaged items. You can make a used or second hand items look good by taking a nice photo.

Join Facebook Groups According to Members’ Interest

If you want to sell something on Facebook effectively, you must have an audience that has an interests to what you are selling. Example. If you are selling cars, then it is advisable to join Facebook groups whereas members are interested in buying and selling cars.

After you joined Facebook groups, here’s what you should do to grab the attention of other members.

Step 1. Go to Facebook Group

Many Facebook groups about buy and sell has a “selling options” wherein you are allowed to insert prices, description, location and the condition of your items.

Step 2. Sell Something

Start selling something on Facebook by filling out the forms in the groups. See example below for more detailed instructions.

Step 3. Insert Images (Upload Pictures) and Post

If you want to make your items for sale become more attractive, include pictures. People on facebook preferred to buy items which they already saw the pictures.

After you upload a pictures, then post your items for sale on Faceboook. Just click “Post” in the blue button.

Make use of Your Timeline to Sell Something on Facebook

Your target audience here is your circle of friends. There are few audience compared when you joined Facebook groups. Imagine if you joined several Facebook groups that has an average of 25,000 members. If you joined 10 groups, that means you have a target audience of 250,000 audiences.

But it is easy to sell something on Facebook if you will use your timeline because many people or even your friends will buy your items because they already know you personally and they trust you that you are a legit seller.

Create a Facebook Page and Sell Something 

If you have a Facebook business page, you can sell something on Facebook easily. In here, you can also use payment options, order buttons, etc. You can modify your Facebook page and make it your online store.

Your audience here is your followers (the ones who likes your page). When you have something to sell, just paste them in your Facebook timeline so your followers will know about items for sale.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make your profile picture look good. Wear a business attire so you can make yourself look “trustworthy” and professional. This tip is applicable to real estate and car sales representatives.
  • Join many Facebook groups related to your interest or to your target audience as many as you can. The more groups you are a member of, the more audiences you can have. And if you posts to many groups, your chances for your items for sale will sell easily and immediately.
  • Do not forget to make a follow up to your customers to their comments and always check your private message. Leave a contact number, email address and always tell your location if possible.
  • When you are selling something on Facebook, you must know how to spot the bogus buyer, the excited and the interesting and the sure buyer.
  • Also, if you are selling on Facebook and your customers wants to meet up with you, be sure to meet up in the crowd places to avoid being a victim.
  • Have many payments options available for your buyers. You can include cash basis, PayPal, credit card, check, third-party financial assistance or even COD or cash on delivery.

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