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The richest man in America is Bill Gates followed by Warren Buffett. Know the other richest American today! It is important to me as a finance blogger at to get some data and information about the richest person in America because my readers are from USA and Canada.

I am very interested to know who are the richest people in the world. For me, they serve as great inspirations for all of us. Every people are dreaming to become rich. It is normal to dream to become wealthy. One of the best ways to become rich is to follow the footsteps of the billionaires and know how do they really get such great wealth.


The Richest Man in America is Bill Gates

The richest American ever is Bill Gates.  Bill Gates has a networth of $79.7 Billion (real-time net worth) as of August 2, 2015. A man from Medina, WA, USA. He was the great guy behind Microsoft.

I idolize Bill Gates, the richest man in America ever. I like him because he give great opportunities such as jobs. He has also charity foundation. I believe he has a good heart. Bill Gates was always get the rank#1 as the richest man in the world.

richest man in america

Photo Courtesy: Forbes.Com

While I am thinking what to write last night. A reader sent me an email message if Howard Hughes is the richest man in America. The answer to that question is “he is not”. To know what I am talking about, just search the net worth of Bill Gates and Howard Hughes.

According to, Howard Hughes has a net worth of $4 Billion while the net worth of Bill Gates is amounting to $79.7 Billion according to rich list.

Other Richest People in America

What about the richest American under 30? Is Mark Zuckerberg the youngest and richest of all American billionaires? I think yes. But as of 2015, Mark Zuckerberg is already a 31 years old. His net worth is amounting to $41.2 Billion (real-time net worth) as of August 2, 2015. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, Inc.. He is from Palo Alto, California, USA.

Note:  Dustin Moskovitz is also one of the youngest Billionaire in America. He came from San Francisco, California, USA. The Top 5 Richest Men in America are (1) Bill Gates, (2) Warren Buffett,  (3)Larry Ellison, (4) Jeff Bezos, (5) Mark Zuckerberg.

Let them (the Billionaires) be our inspiration to get rich, too. What can you say about Bill Gates and Warren Buffett? Do not forget to share your comments below. Share this article to your friends.

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