Most Searched USA Election 2016 Policy Issues

Posted by Grace under General Info on August 21, 2015

Do you know the most searched USA election 2016 policy issues? The most trending, the top discussions and debates? Are you looking for United States Presidential Election 2016 Candidates or do you want to know what these candidates can do for America? Most Americans are searching for a good Presidential candidates if he/she can solve a particular issue. What do you want to hear from the Presidential Candidates?

The 2016 US Presidential Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. You still have one year to think and decide to vote. When I search on Google, most Americans are searching for a good candidate who can solve a particular issue.


Most Searched USA Election 2016 Policy Issues

The top 10 most searched issues in United States of America are as follows.

  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Same-Sex Marriage
  • Economy
  • Taxes
  • Gun Control
  • Health Care
  • Climate Change
  • Foreign Policy
  • Environment

Didn’t I mentioned something important issues? What about “employment“? Is it not an issue? What about you? What are do you want the next US President will do?

In my opinion, a good President can solve all of these. But, let us find out if the US Presidential Candidates on 2016 election has a good qualities and traits, who is deserving to be the next US President? BTW, a good leader is honest, has a positive attitude, he or she is committed, he is creative, has high moral values, a good president is confident but not over confident, smart, believe in “education”, knowledgeable and most of all he is a God-fearing person.

If you spotted qualities from any of the US Presidential Candidates on 2016 Election, just leave a comment box below. Feel free to say something “good” to every candidates. Their platforms, plans, and attitude. Share this with your friends!

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