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Posted by Grace under General Info on September 7, 2015

There are 20 most countries in the world who visited – a ROI blog. My WordPress blog is getting bigger. It’s about personal finance. It talks about investing, retirement planning and insurance. As far as my blog progress is concern, I will do anything just to make sure my readers are satisfied. Today, let me just share to you from which countries my readers are came from.

Their interest of course is “money”, one of my popular page in this blog is the article about how to start investing in stocks, and how to double 1,000 dollars.


Americans are looking for the good stocks to buy and searching what to invest in today. While my Filipino readers are looking for the best mutual fund companies in the Philippines and best bank to invest in Unit Investment Trust Funds.

Similar to Americans, my Canadian visitors are interested in investing. One of the popular pages about the “Canada savings bond” and “real estate listings in Canada.”

USA and other Most Countries in the World Visitors

United States

United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Czech Republic
South Korea
Nigeria Italy

These are the most countries in the world who always visiting my personal finance website. Most people from these countries are looking for “work at home jobs”, “make money online guide” and “investing strategies”.

It is possible to get visitors only from specific countries. If I want to get more readers from United States, I will continue publishing more personal finance topics. It is because more Americans are interested to talk about it compare to other people in other countries who are only searching for sex videos and sexy photos.

FYI: This blog is now not only about personal finance. I decided to write more interesting topics that I am knowledgeable and familiar with.

I added tech topics, internet topics, relationship, parenting and family. Also, this blog has topics about health and fitness, education, environment and politics.

What about you? Do you receive more visitors from these most countries in the world, too? Let me know your blogging experience on how you drive traffic to your site. Leave a comment below!

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