Migrate Blogger to WordPress 2015: Maintained Permalinks

Posted by Grace under General Info on May 28, 2015

Hmm, I am planning to migrate blogger to wordpress 2015, maybe after a month or two, everything will going to flow smoothly including permalinks, RSS feeds, plugins, appropriate themes, SEO etc.
Update: I already migrated InvestmentTotal.com (a blogger blog with custom domain) to WordPress last June 23, 2015. After two weeks, all is great. Thanks to all WordPress experts who shares useful information on how to migrate blogger to wordpress 2015.
I decided to migrate this blog hosted in blogger and have my own web hosting set up in a prestigious and reliable web hosting company (don’t want to mentioned the web host company) with WordPress. Of course the reason why I want to migrate this blog to WordPress is because I want to achieve with my blogging goal.Since I started this blog 2013, I always wrote about personal finance especially about online stock trading. Due to my eagerness to make this blog grow, to make it big, to make it very useful and to make it worthwhile reading, I want to migrate this blog on blogger to WordPress.

Blog Statistics:


  • Age: 2 Years Old
  • Article Published: 472 Articles
  • Visitors: USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom
  • Most Visited Page: Stocks Related Terms
Planning to migrate blogger to wordpress 2015 next month. Update: Already migrated.

Announcement: Migrate Blogger to WordPress 2015

I found a great and complete tutorial on how to migrate this blogger blog to WordPress. I want to thank other expert bloggers on how to do it. I know this will be very easy for me since I know how to follow simple instructions.

Migrating InvestmentTotal.com blog to WordPress take time, maybe a month or two the migrating process will be done. There are many things to consider why I want my readers to be informed about the migrating process of this “blogger” blog.

First, I don’t want to lose my readers. At least they know why these blog is “under maintenance”mode. Second, i don’t want to make them wait longer. Even though this blog is in migration process, I will still write more articles. So, there are many “surprising” tips and advice related to personal finance (investing in stocks, mutual funds, retirement planning, insurance buying, money management and how to get rich).

Please Always Support InvestmentTotal.com

After migrating period, please always visit InvestmentTotal.com. I promised, you will learned many things about many things in this blog because I decided to write more topics under different categories;

  • Personal Finance and Investments
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Fitness
  • Technology and Gadgets
  • Education and Religion
  • Internet and Social Media
  • Lifestyle and Parenting

I have to think a simple design for InvestmentTotal.com after it has been migrated to WordPress. Of course, I prefer to have a simple design with fast load WordPress theme, Genesis Framework can help me to achieve that goal.

What do you think about migrating blogger to WordPress 2015? Do you have any questions, suggestions or any ideas on what topic to write about in this blog? Please leave a comment! Thanks for being a loyal visitor of my precious blog. May God bless you prosperity, good health, peace of mind and happiness!

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