My Blogging Goals for 2015

Posted by Grace under General Info on February 6, 2015

Want to know my blogging goals for 2015? Total Investment is not just a personal finance blog. As the owner of this blog, it is my pleasure to add more useful contents especially finance related topics. As of February 2015, this personal finance blog receive an average of 200 visits per day and a 400to 800 page views per day. Most of my blog visitors came from search engines, Facebook page and Twitter.

Readers are from United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark and United Kingdom. I am very happy because there are many people who are interested to know how to start investing in stocks (one of my most visited blog post).


My Blogging Goals for 2015

When year 2015 ends, my blog should accomplish the following;

  • 2 Post Per Day Within 365 Days – To post articles everyday at least one, two or more articles related to personal finance.
  • Increase Organic Search Traffic – I am not a fan of social media sites. I want to get traffic 100% directly from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • My First WordPress Blog – Building a new blog is easy. But, this time I have to pay for web host and build my blog through
  • 5,000 Visitors Per Day – This is easy to accomplish, since I am writing original content. Getting 5,000 blog visits per day is quiet easy.
  • Earning Serious Money this Year – I know I have a lot to do in my daily living. But, I have to do the blogging because I am sure blogging can give me a passive income in the near future.
  • SEO Doesn’t Really Matter – Wehh? I don’t care about SEO, search engines will going to love for its uniqueness and “freestyle writing”. I don’t care about grammatical errors because my principle is “as long as my readers understand what I am talking about”, everything will be fine. As the old techniques, write for people not for search engines!

That’s it. I don’t need to say the exact amount in this blog on how much money should I earn in my blogging career. The more I write, the more people read my articles, the more money I can earn. I focus on helping people by giving the right and proper answer to their questions related to money and everything.

So, wish me good luck. I will make millions (money and million fans) in my blogging career beginning today. What about you? Have you asked yourself “what is my blogging goals for 2015, 2016 and beyond?”. If not, set your own blogging goal now. Update: is now on WordPress. Do not forget to leave a comment today.

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