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Posted by Grace under General Info on August 7, 2015

I have added 10 of the most interesting topics to talk about in this blog. I am here to announce to you that will be discussing new exciting topics. I decided to make this WordPress blog as a semi-multi niche blog. What do I mean by semi-multi niche blog? Well, this blog will not only talk about money, it will soon publishing articles related to

  • Education
  • Internet
  • Health
  • People
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationship
  • Environment
  • Politics and
  • Parenting

Why do I choose to write different topics in one single blog? It is because managing too many blogs is very difficult especially for busy man like me. Imagine adding content with different blogs and managing them one by one.


To all my readers from North America and Europe, don’t you worry because from time to time I will still add more useful articles related to investing, finance, business, money matters, real estate, credit cards, loans and banking tips.

There are also funny conversation you can encounter while visiting this blog. These topics can also use to start a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can use some of these topics when you are preparing for your speech. Beginning today, this blog will extremely publish articles related to any of these topics.

1. Interesting Topics on Traveling

I will do my best to give you the best information about the best places for tourist, discount on hotels and airline tickets.

2. Awesome Topica on Education

Learn the value of education. Also, I will write topics and tricks on studying. And my opinions on how to make teaching and learning process become effective.

3. Interesting Topics on the Internet

Of course, let me share my skills and knowledge in blogging with WordPress, using Facebook, Google Products and Services, Yahoo, Android Apps, Twitter and LinkEdIn. I would like to add tips and tricks in using YouTube, Pinterest and other social sites.

4. Health is Wealth Topics

I am health conscious individual. Let me share my ideas on bow to become healthy, how to lose weight and share my reviews and insights about the latest weight loss pills.

5. Famous People and Extra Ordinary People

I am very happy when I am talking about the extra ordinary people in my blog. In this category, you can read more about Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and other billionaires. Tom Cruise and other Hollywood Celebrities. Abraham Lincoln and other US Presidents, etc.

6. Relationship Problem Solving

One of your favorite. You can find a solution on how to have a perfect partner, how to find the right one for you, how to propose a wedding, how to move on after break ups, how to meet your girlfriend parents with confidence, etc.

7. Environment Friendly Blog Post

It is nice to know how to protect our environment. I will add some ideas online on how to prevent global warming, how to take care of our environment, and the cause and effects of destroying our environment.

8. Interesting Topics About Political System

Hmm, I have no idea on how should I start writing a post about politics. But as far as know, I already published an article about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trumph in my previous articles. I will write articles about winning on election and our rights as a voter.

9. Parenting Tips

I am already a parent. Therefore, I have the rights to post something about parenting. My articles includes how to become a good parent or how to raise smart kids, or how to prevent your kids from marrying early. Are those topics cool? Not just cool, but awesome.

10. Topics to Discuss in Lifestyle

Maybe I will write more about my personal life here. My personal lifestyle. Also, I will add topics about the lifestyle of the poor people and rich people. See what’s the differences between the two.

I am focusing on “how to guides”. 90% of my articles should be long enough to give you the best information. All this articles are free. But you have no right to copy my articles. You can read it at only. Other than this website, my articles should not be published anywhere.

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