How to Get Traffic to Your Blog (3 Best Ideas)

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Learn how to get traffic to your blog easily and effectively. Find out how to generate blog hits today especially after you published a blog post. In this page, I will share to you what I am doing and how I get more visits to my blog, whether it is a new blog or old blog.

Getting more blog traffic is not an issue for me. Today, I will tell you the best blog traffic strategies and techniques I am implementing to double my blog traffic over time. I may say this blog traffic strategies are effective and don’t even cost you any dime to spend for advertising. The good news is, this traffic technique is a very easy task for every blogger.


Before I begin with the guide in getting blog traffic, I want to remind you that I am not an SEO expert. As you have noticed, this blog is a personal finance blog talking about stocks and mutual funds not getting blog visits. This blog is getting visitors from USA, Canada and UK, since the people in these rich countries are interesting in personal finance.

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

FYI: 90 percent of the traffic I get for this blog was generated via search engines. I will tell you later how I did it. So, are you ready to know the effective ways on how to get traffic to your blog?

Tip #1. Write Long Articles

Everytime you write an article, make sure it is the best article. Make sure it has a reasonable amount of words that contain “appropriate keywords”. If you can’t write great articles, still, you can get blog traffic for that lengthy article because you might know you have written a long tail keywords whereas these keywords are the most searched keywords on the internet.

Strategy: Publish at least one lengthy article per day that consist of 800 to 2,000 words.

Tip #2. Promote Your Blog Content

Everytime I published an article especially if the article is a “wow” article, I share it to my friends and co-bloggers (or co-investors) via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Delicious. Promoting a blog content is very easy. Just go somewhere else online and tell about it. Take advantage of social media sites.

Strategy: Put a “sharing widget” in your blog, so that, your blog visitors will share your blog content to their friends via social media, too. Big social sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Reddit, Delicious and Pinterest

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog (3 Best Ideas)-

Image Credit: David Bleasdale via Flickr CC 2.0

Tip #3. Publish Short Article, Too.

I publish short article too. The short articles are direct to the point or straight forward answers to a specific questions. To create a short post, you need to think a question and answer it in 5 minutes using your article. Example question; how to invest money? Since I am passionate about investing, I can write about it in 5 minutes that consist 350 words or more.

Strategy: Publish a short article everyday that answer a specific question. Make sure you have to write only what you know. It is advisable to write short article related to your blog niche. If your blog  niche is about “computer”, then post something about “how to format a hard drive”, “how to change display screen on desktop”, “how to turn of the computer properly” and so on.

After you have publish every article, again, do not forget to share it on social media sites. That’s the secret, there’s no other secret. You can do backlinking if you want for every articles, But I prefer to add more content rather wasting my time in SEOing stuffs. Besides, Google and other major search engines love unique post with useful content. That’s how I generate traffic to my blog via search engines. Creating useful articles and direct to the point answer of every life’s questions (money, love, relationship, family, health, etc.)

I know you have a lot of great ideas on how to get traffic to your blog. Please share your strategies on how do you generate traffic to your blog. Thank you for spending your time reading this post.

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