How to Do Everything Under the Sky Using Videos, Wiki Sites

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Learn how to do everything in just a matter of few minutes. Thanks God he created human how to become creative and use their talents to make easy work. Now, a man can do anything. He can swim, cook, drive, make money, plant a trees, raise live stocks, draw, paint, make a baby, train a dragon (as if you have a dragon) etc. Anything a man wants to do can easily learn on the internet through how to videos and wiki websites.

In this website, Investment Total, I published several how to articles and guides about investing. Actually is just another blog that provides articles about how to do everything to your finances. There are biggest websites that teaches us the same thing. However, not all sites (bigger wiki sites or small wiki sites) can provide the best instructions and step by step procedures about how to do everything.


In this websites the common how to articles are as follows;

  • how to start investing in stocks for beginners
  • how to invest money in mutual funds
  • how to prosper in life
  • how to double your investment
  • how to multiply your money
  • how to build wealth
  • how to invest in real estate properties

Just use the search box or search the title on Google or to any of your preferred search engines and you will find out that ranks #1 or #2 for these how to articles. A humble beginning of, maybe Google love this site because it provides great value to readers.

How to Do Everything Through Wiki Sites is my favorite wiki website. I have learned a lot from wikihow. You can learn how to flirt (hehe), dating, how to speak francais, how to stle your hair and even how to manage your monthly period. Many people love wikihow because of its easy to follow step by step instructions for their how to do everything articles.

If you don’t prefer WikiHow and don’t have time to search how to do everything on Google, try video sites.

How to Do Everything through Video Sites like YouTube

There are many creative individuals who are using video to present their instructions. Most likely, they will upload their how to videos on YouTube. When you are looking for specific instructions, just type first the word “how to” followed by your main search.

Example, if you want to know about the process of trading stocks or forex. Just type “how to trade stocks” or “how to trade forex”. You will know how to do it after you watched the instructional videos.

Another example, assuming a person don’t know how to take screen shot. All he needs to do is to search “how to take screen shot” whether he wants to do it on his personal computer desktop, on his high end mobile device, andoid or iPhone, etc.

How to Do Everything Like Indiana Jones

Image Credit: JD Hancock via Flickr CC 2.0

Making Use of How to Sites

There are many (too many websites) that can teach you how to do a specific task or work. I may say that, a person will become skillful by making use of how to sites. Reading and following instructions can really help anyone how to do everything.

The bad thing is even “evil doings” are also available on how to sites. When I browse some websites, they teach their readers how to hack computers, how to a hack a password (maybe email address or Facebook account and other social sites), how to hack a website and how to hack a ATM card. Those sites are not providing better internet world.

We can’t blame the website owners because some searchers (their website users) are sometimes looking for those information. If you have the plan to create a wiki site or how to video sites, do ensure that your site can help other people positively (not teaching them to do wrong) or evil, teach them how to care for the environment, how to respect human and animal rights.

I am just wondering why there are many websites are helping other people to ruin their life. They teach people how to gamble in casino instead of how to invest in stocks. They are publishing articles how to give up their relationship instead how to make their relationship better.

Anyway, we are in a free world. An noone can dictate you what to do when you’re online. An internet user can search anything he wants and can watch whatever he wants. I hope you liked this page, kindly share this page to other internet users. Let us all be grateful because God created us “smart people” and now using the technology to learn how to do everything under the sky without limitations as long as you have an internet access.

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