How to Create Official Blog Logo?

Posted by Grace under General Info on August 21, 2015

Want to know how to create official blog logo? Whether you’re serious blogger or blogging for fun, your blog needs a logo. I know you know what is a logo all about. Every business and enterprises has a business logo, trademarks, slogan. In this blog, the domain name is, therefore the logo should has a dollar design, stock market trends and chart, etc.

But, I want to make it simple. My official blog logo should be like in figure 1.1, where in, it is easy to analyze. It has ups and downs, greater than symbol and less than symbol. The idea is this blog is not just about money. That’s why I don’t put any dollar logo in my official blog.


  • Domain Name:
  • Tag Line: Return On Investment on My Mind
investment total

Figure 1.1 Investment Total Official Logo



As you have noticed, it’s very simple. My logo stated that this blog is a multi-niche blog. It’s not just about personal finance, insurance, business and investing. It has topics about education, technology and internet.

How to Create Official Blog Logo?

How I created this logo? Okay, here’s the instruction;

  1. Think about what’s your blog all about, if it’s about weight loss, make sure your logo has picture related to “health symbols”.
  2. Open any pictures in paint. Select any pictures in your documents, and press “right click” then “open with”, then select paint.
  3. Decide what color you want to use when creating your blog logo. Match the color in your blog theme.
  4. You can save your official blog logo in jpeg, bmp, gif or png.
  5. Do not copy any logo for legal reasons.
  6. Use your logo to promote your blog or website. When you upload a picture on Facebook or other social media, insert your logo in every pictures. Make sure you originally own the pictures before you insert a logo in it.

If you are using WordPress, go to library and upload your logo. Put it in the header part of your WordPress blog. Go to header.php to insert a logo. Here is the sample code I insert when I want to show my blog logo in WordPress header.

<a href=”<?php echo home_url(); ?>” title=”php echo str_replace(‘”‘, ‘\”, $blogTitle); ?>”>

<img src=”” alt=”” />

<?php echo $blogTitle ?>


Now, you know how to create a logo. Create yours and let other people knows about your awesome blog logo. Happy blogging. This post is just to announce to my readers that has a new logo. And maybe, this is the official.

Do not forget to share this with your friends. If you have any problems when creating your blog logo and inserting it in WordPress or Blogger, just let me know. I am willing to help! Leave a comment below. Thank you!

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