Google Was Searched on Google by Internet Users

Posted by Grace under General Info on January 4, 2016

Google was searched on Google mistakenly and misspelled the words by many internet users when they perform search. Know how to search words properly!

Awhile ago while I was writing the most searched words on Google, I found out that the Paris Under Attack is one of them. The words “Paris Under Attack” is easy to type. But, are you one of the many internet users who type the word “google”, search for “google” on Google before they will type what they are looking for in the search bar?
While I was looking for some terms on Google Trends, I did some experiments. I choose to find out if the word or phrase “google” has been searched many times. Surprisingly, there are many people who search for the word “google”.


Google Itself is a Search Engine

Why should you search the “search engine” in a search engine? Are you looking for what? A search engine? Funny right?

Search engine is the place where you can perform a search. Search engines like Google will provide you with best information or data on the internet. If you are looking for information, you need to go to Google homepage and then type any keywords on the search bar.

Why are you trying to search Google on Google search engine? Are you just wasting your time? Or you are not well informed on how to perform a search on Google?

You better become specific about the words you want to search for on Google. Maybe you want to know Google Stocks, instead of searching only the word “google”, try to add some words after or before it.

Google Stocks
GOOGL Price (stock code)

Or type the words related to any of Google products such as analytics, Google console, blogger, Gmail, bookmarks, news, etc.

Google Was Searched on Google but Misspelled

Sometimes people will type the incorrect domain name of this big search engine, the google. They will type the incorrect URL in their browser like “ (double “letter G” with single “letter O” or (inserted letter “E” first before letter “L”).

To avoid visiting the wrong homepage, you must bookmark the URL of – the correct domain name.

Google Searching Tips

This is a bonus tips for you. Don’t search Google on Google itself. Someone will laugh when they saw you doing it.
Just go to “” and start typing anything you want. Example, you can search “list of 2016 oscars nominees for visual effects”.

The example phrase is very specific. This means you are looking for films or directors who are nominated for visual effects for the coming 88th Academy Awards.

When searching on google, you can start by typing the word “how”, “why”, “what” or “when”. Example of the phrase you can search is “how to get rich” instead of just typing “rich”. Google will show you the rich people or the meaning of rich. If you just type the word “rich” but you want to know how to get rich, Google will possibly show you wealthy people or synonyms of rich.

So, starting today, you must not search Google on Google search engines. Bookmark Google URL and start searching anything you want by typing specific words or phrase in the search bar. Now you know the reasons why Google was searched on Google by many internet users. Is it a mistake or a ignorance? Let me know your opinions about this topic. Leave a comment below.

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