Globe Pocket WiFi Review – Best Pocket Wifi???

Posted by Grace under General Info on November 29, 2015

Globe Pocket WiFi Review on SuperSurf 50. Find out if Globe Pocket WiFi is good or bad.

I bought Globe Pocket WiFi last April 2014. The Globe Pocket Wifi helps me to save a lot of money compare to paying monthly internet bills. I enjoyed using my pocket wifi every weekends. Since I am busy on weekdays, I only use it during weekends. I am a blogger and I have to maintain by uploading pictures and writing a blog posts.

Globe Pocket WiFi Price cost me less than 2,000 PhP. I bought it in Tabaco, Albay, Philippines. I am satisfied in the internet speed everytime I use the supersurf50 (Globe Pocket Wifi Prepaid) in a specific time (hours). Read my experience and decide whether you will buy Globe pocket wifi or not.


Globe Pocket WiFi SuperSurf Experience

It is easy to register supersurf. I have unlimited surfing within 24 hours. However, there are certain hours that I can’t even load a single page. Globe Pocket Wifi supersurf has a fast internet at night until morning. To be exact, 11:00 pm until 7am is the fastest. I am satisfied in the service during these hours.

Globe Pocket WiFi SuperSurf

Globe Pocket WiFi at Hand – Do Not Use this Image without Permission

What about the 8am until 10pm? If I rate the Globe Pocket Wifi super surf when I use it from 8 o’clock in the morning until 10 o’clock in the evening, I will give it a rate of 7/10.

Honestly, I want to stick with Globe Pocket Wifi. Not just because I love Globe, but I have no other choice. I read some reviews of other networks, they are just the same. Slow internet speed. High cost of internet. For me 50 php every weekends is enough to update my blog.

Globe Pocket WiFi Review

Updating Using Globe Pocket WiFi SuperSurf 50 @ 10:00 Am

Globe Pocket WiFi Review – Final Word

Globe Pocket Wifi supersurf can be good if you want to watch video on YouTube, use Facebook, surf on the internet and even making a minimal updates to a WordPress blog.

I am looking for a good ways to boost the internet speed. If you know how to boost Globe Pocket Wifi SuperSurf internet speed, just let me know. BTW, I am using Globe Pocket Wifi in my Laptop (Model: HP G62).

What can you say about Globe Pocket Wifi SuperSurf? Did you encounter slow internet speed? If you will rate Globe Pocket Wifi, will you give it a perfect score? Let me know your comments about this Globe Pocket Wifi SuperSurf50 review.

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