How to Find Hidden Photos on Facebook Timeline (5 Steps with Pictures)

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Learn how to find hidden photos on Facebook timeline especially those photos tagged by your friends and can’t show in your timeline. The reasons why there are hidden photos in your timeline tagged by your friends because you did not allowed anyone to post on your wall or timeline. Make sure you change your settings if you want to see immediately the tagged photos by your friends and other Facebook users.

Things Needed


  • Facebook Account
  • Email Address or Phone Number
  • Internet Connection (wifi or data usage)

How to Find Hidden Photos on Facebook Timeline

Step 1. Log in to your Facebook account using your email address or phone number with a correct password.

Step 2. View your profile. Just click your Facebook profile.

Step 3. View activity log. Click the “View activity log” link located just below your cover photo. See screenshot below.

Step 4. Use filter. You can choose to show the activity log in your own posts or any posts you’re tagged in, photos, likes and comments. Choose “photos”.

Step 5. Make Photos visible in your timeline. You can just select which photos by approving them manually or approve them in bulk. Click “All (Hidden or Visible)” and you have the option to hide or show all photos in your Facebook timeline.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you want to immediately show the photos you’re tagged in in your Facebook timeline, all you need to do is to change your settings timeline and tagging.
  • Allow anyone to add things in your timeline if you want to show photos you’re tagged in from any facebook users. If you want your friends to only add posts in your timeline, then select “friends”.
  • Turn on the “Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook?”.
  • You can use the Facebook search to find hidden photos in Facebook from other users (friends, group members or even the old photos you’ve already uploaded).

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