How to Create New Facebook Group

Posted by Grace under General Info on August 20, 2016

Having your own Facebook group has an advantage than just being a member of someone else’s Facebook group. There are many things you can do when you are the admin of FB group. If you are an admin of the group, you have the rights to approve or rejected other Facebook users when they are planning to join. Also, you have the option to block users that are posting irrelevant things in group’s wall.

When you’re only a member of many different groups, you can just post but when other member post in the wall, your updates will listed at the bottom. While if you are the admin, you have the option to make your post sticky so that when other members post, your post will still be on top.


Creating a Facebook group will only takes few minutes. Of course only verified Facebook account can create a FB group. Internet marketers do effectively use FB groups to promote their online businesses. Not just the internet marketers or online business owners who create FB groups. Organizations, churches, school and even local community has their own Facebook group.

How to Create New Facebook Group

Step 1. Simply log on to your Facebook account using your mobile phone, email address and password. The details you used when you create your Facebook account.

Step 2. Go to “groups” section located at the left sidebar of Facebook homepage (when you logged in).

Step 3. Click “Create Group”. Enter important information about the group you are planning to create. Name your group and start inviting other people by entering their names or email address. You can add your own group to your favorites. And check the privacy settings. Choose whether your new Facebook group is in “public”, “closed”, or “secret”.


Note: Add at least one friend to your new group to be able to create it. When you add at least one friend, there will be a auto suggest to some of your friends. Add them one by one until you have many members in your group.

A public group simply means anyone can see your new Facebook group, your members and the latest updates.

A closed group is available in the search. Anyone can see your new Facebook group but only the members can see what’s new on group’s wall.

And the secret group simply means only your members can find it and see the every post.

Step 4. Click “Create”.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not add other people if you think they will not become interested.
  • You can promote your groups using your own timeline, or sharing it to other groups.
  • Add few friends everyday. Ask your friends to add their friends to the group.
  • Make your group searchable in the FB search engine so that when people are looking for a type of group like what you have created, they can easily find it and they will join.
  • After you created new Facebook group, you can set settings. Will you allow your members to post in the wall? If you allow them, what’s the rules and regulations?
  • Add basic information about your group and do not forget to add some photos for your new Facebook group’s cover.

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