Chinese New Year Beliefs and Superstitions

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Looking for Chinese new year beliefs and superstitions? Read further to read more and add your own beliefs if you are Chinese using the comment box. Happy New Year to all Chinese people around the world especially to my readers from China Town, USA.  Every second week of February the event was celebrated. Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends, Chinese stock traders and investors!

May all Chinese people have prosperous new years to come! How many of my readers want to celebrate Chinese New Year and where they came from?  How many China Town are there in USA? Here are the most interesting question about Chinese New Year.


Question: Why Chinese People Celebrate New Year’s Day not On First Day of January?
Answer: It is their tradition.

Chinese New Year Beliefs and Superstitions

Answer: They believe fireworks is the best way to push away the bad luck from their houses and business establishments. Do not say bad words to anyone, say only good things to attract good things. They wear new dress to attract good luck.

Chinese New Year Beliefs, Traditions and Superstition

Chinese New Year | Photo Credit:  Victoria Pickering Under CC 2.0

Is China the most powerful country in the world?
Answer: I don’t know. I believe China is one of the most powerful countries in the world because of numerous people are living in China. Some powerful countries are USA, France, Germany, Russia, Italy. If you know exactly the answer, just share it in the comment box.

Question: What are lucky charms of Chinese business men?
Answer: They have no Lucky Charms, they are hard working. Chinese business men know how to handle finances. They don’t want to waste money even a single cent. They value time and money! If you are asking for a literal lucky charm, here are the famous;

  • Sheep Charm
  • New Year Decoration Charm
  • Lucky Cat
  • Wealth God
  • Double Fishes
  • Horse Charm
  • Money Charm
  • Wu lou Charm
  • Feng Shui Bell
  • Good Luck Coin Charm for Health
  • Yin Yang Charm
  • Pagoda Charm
  • Buddha Charm

Question: Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year in USA?
Answer: Just go to any China Town and celebrate New Year’s Day.

Question: How Many China Town are there in USA?
Answer: In San Francisco, California, there is a China Town. That place is the largest China Town outside Asia. Manhattan New York China Town, Brooklyn China Town located at 8th Avenue. To learn more about the China Town located in USA, please refer to this WikiPedia page at

Question: How Does Chinese People Celebrate New Year?
Answer: Chinese people celebrate new year just like what other people do on New Year’s Day every first day of January. They use fireworks, foods, blessings and offerings. The difference is that Chinese people has dragon dance. It’s their tradition.

Update: “A readers asked this question; I am from United Kingdom, are there any China Towns in other countries aside from USA. I want to know the China Towns in Europe specifically in United Kingdom. I want to witness how do Chinese People celebrate New Year’s Day. Thanks!”

My Response: “There are also China Towns in other countries aside from USA, here’s what I found. I hope you like it. Do not forget to visit my blog and post your comment.”

There are China Town in London, England, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool and Belleville in Paris, France. There are also China Towns in Canada, mostly they are located at the popular cities or places like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

What can you say about Chinese new year beliefs and superstitions? Join the conversation. If you have any other question, please use the comment box and we’ll continue this topic. I do hope you like this topic related to Chinese New Year 2016 and the list of China Town in USA.

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