Check Paper for Plagiarism Online Easily

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If you want to check paper for plagiarism, you are at the right place because I can show you how to check any article if the content is already published online word for word. Plagiarism simply means taking someone’s content and use it in a magazine, newspaper, essays or even in a blog post or online article.

If you want to check paper for plagiarism easily, you need to find out the best plagiarism checker tool that are available online. Most SEO company websites have plagiarism tool for their users to check the uniqueness of the article content.


Now you can detect if the paper was originally written or just copied from the internet. This guide is only good for online publishing. This means that if you want to check the originality of the article in a magazine, you have to find another way. The one I am sharing with you now is to check if the content from the book, magazines, articles or essays are already published online.

Check Paper for Plagiarism Online Easily

Step 1. Go to any free plagiarism online checker. I would suggest to visit the plagiarism tool of Small SEO tool here.

Step 2. Paste content or write any sentences in the box to get started. You can also upload the document and check. Just use the “select a file” option.

Step 3. Enter the security code.

Step 4. Press “Check Plagiarism”.

Step 5. Analyze the uniqueness and plagiarized content.

Check Paper for Plagiarism

Why You Should Check Paper for Plagiarism

Now you know how to check if the content was plagiarized, already published online and if it is originally written. The free plagiarism checker we used has a limit of 1,000 words per search.

You need to check paper for plagiarism by paragraph if you want to use the free tool we used. But if you prefer to check the whole written document fast, look for another checker but you will pay for their services.

You should check not only other people content. You should check your own. If you don’t, you won’t believe that somebody is already using your content online.

Tips and Warnings

  • This free plagiarism online checker tool will be useful if you are checking school papers, thesis, articles or the whole content of the book.
  • You can file a case if someone is using your content without your permission.
  • If you want fast and more reliable plagiarism checker, pay for it.
  • If you want to know if the paragraph or sentence in your document was used in a blog or websites, just make a search query in Google.

I just want to share this stuff because one of writer failed to follow article writing guidelines. Every piece of article in this site was originally written by me or other blog authors and should not be published anywhere else without permission. If you know other useful way to check paper for plagiarism easily, just leave a comment below.

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