Change Location & Language Preferences in Yahoo Mail Account

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Changing your preferred location and the language you want to use when you logged in Yahoo mail is very easy. It only takes few steps to change your language and location whenever you are using the mail services provided by Yahoo.

It is wise to use your language for easy use of Yahoo mail services. But of course, English language is preferable and recommended.


In some instances, Yahoo mail might not detect your real location especially if you are using IP hider software when you are logging in Yahoo mail. It is important to set your location in your account. Besides, you can track easily who’s using your account if you know how to manage your location preferences.

How to Change Location and Language Preferences in Yahoo Mail Account

Step 1. Log in to Yahoo Mail (just go to Use your username and password.

Step 2. When you logged in, hover your mouse in your profile name at the upper right of your account and click “Account Info”.

Step 3. Choose “Preferences”. You have four options to choose. In here, you can change your personal information, your account security such as password or phone number and questions, your recent activity or history of your account using different browsers and devices and your preferences in locations and languages in Yahoo mail account.

Step 4. Under “Preferences”. You have the options to change not only your preferred location, languages you want to use but the content preferences as well.  Choose location and language.

Yahoo Mail Location, Language Content Preferences

Yahoo Mail Location, Language Content Preferences

Step 5. Enter your city or zip code. You can also choose your current and previously detected location. Just choose “Yes” or if you want Yahoo mail to detect your location, then choose “No, detect again”. You can also manage your location history in your Yahoo mail account.

Step 6. Choose your preferred languages you want to use when you logged in to Yahoo mail. You have lot of choices from Arabic, Tagalog, Spanish, English, Hindu, German, etc.

change location and language preferences in Yahoo mail account

Tips and Warnings

  • You can’t fake Yahoo mail, use your real location.
  • Use your native languages to easily use Yahoo mail services.
  • Changing Yahoo mail location and language preferences ha nothing to do with the security of your Yahoo mail account”. You need to change your security questions and having a difficult to guess password might help you secure and protect your account.

What is your preferred language when you use Yahoo mail services? Do you use native language or English language? I prefer “English” language. If you want more useful tips and tricks about using Yahoo mail services, send us an email and we’ll answer them one by one.

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