Blogging Tips: Write the Most Searched Words on Google

Posted by Grace under General Info on February 15, 2017

Looking for blogging tips? Thinking on what to blog about? If you want to attract more visitors in your blog, you should not just keep on writing articles. You should know what do people are searching for on Google and other major search engines. Many bloggers do know that they can generate more visitors from their blog by just inserting the most search keywords. If you love experimental blogging, try to write something about sex, money, or even the word “facebook and google”. The blogging tips I have to share to you today is about “keyword researching”. You don’t need to just insert any keywords. You should use keywords that are people are typing at Google search bar. Even though you have the best blog or website, but you just write anything, you won’t get massive traffic. Second is “understanding your audience”. We all know that there are many people are making money with their blog through monetization. Even though you can make money out of writing what people are searching for on Google, you should carefully think about your niche.

Investment is about personal finance, investing and business. I tracked the return on investments of my own investments. People do know is about “finance” or “money”. They will never become interested if I will talk about Justin Bieber here. Unless I am blogging about Justin Bieber’s net worth. The topic is still related since the topic “net worth” is also on personal finance or investing. Understanding your audience can give you a better idea on what to blog about. After you searched keywords, all you need to do is to use some keywords that are related to your niche or over-all blog topic.


Blogging Tip: Choose the Perfect and Appropriate Keywords

If I will just write and write the most searched words on Google, do you think my readers or blog audience will become happy? I think nope. People here are interested in financial and investing post. Although “blogging tips” is not related, it can help my readers and other bloggers to have an idea on what to blog about and eventually make money out of their writing pieces.

Bloggers nowadays are very smart. Long time ago, that was 2008, some bloggers just use the most searched keywords on their blog. Keywords with low competition but high density keywords are their target keywords. Say for example, even if the blog is about “make money online”, a blogger will talk about “sex scandal”, “celebrity nude pics”, and other most searched keywords just to make money.

Blogging Tip: Forget the Old Way of Writing Article

I know some Filipino bloggers are using the words “Pinay Scandal Video” and other misspelled words. Misspelled words like Gogle or Googel instead of Google. Six Scandal instead of sex scandal. Yutube, yotube instead of Youtube and Faecbook, Facbook or facebok instead of Facebook. Yes, they can generate traffic from these keywords, but what kind oft traffic? Are these traffic targeted? No. It’s a total wasted of time. People will expect a good reads from our blogs and when they open it, some post aren’t related, and worst – articles are not family friendly.

I hope you learned great things from these blogging tips. All you need to do now is to searched the most searched keywords on Google and choose which keywords are related to your niche so that your blog audience will nt get disappointed.

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