3 Best Things About Return On Investment

Posted by Grace under Investing on November 5, 2015

Return on investment should be the first thing you should always watch and track after you invest your money. ROI is one of the interesting topics in this blog. Do you know that return on investment should also one of the things to ask when investing? What’s the risk, what’s the reward and how long can I get the return on investment are some of the questions you should ask when investing.

Investing is rewarding. Investing is easy. But for many people, investing money is risky, difficult and it’s just a waste of time. Do you know the reasons why people are afraid to invest money?


Actually I wrote about these reasons last month and their primary reason why they are afraid to invest money is because they don’t want to lose money. Do you know that there is a proven way on how to not get afraid in investing? Let me share to you what I have learned from the book of T Harv Eker; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. The author said “Poor people focus on difficulties while rich people focus on opportunities”.

The lesson in that quote is simple, if you are afraid to invest money and want to achieve financial freedom, you must therefore focus on the rewards, profits, return on investment. Don’t focus on losses. But you have to know and learn many things about investing.

T. Harv Eker also said that if you want to get rich you must continue learn and grow. Learn investing money and get rich.

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I hope you agree with these simple thoughts. So, starting today focus on rewards, profits ad return on investment.
Going back to the topic, the best things about return on investment are;

Return on Investments are Easy to Get

You can get easy ROI in any investment as long as you know the risks. Of course, when you invest in low risk investment, you can get return on investment slowly. But mind you, there are many skillful investors who invest in low risk investment but they can get their ROI fast.

Return on Investment is Easy to Calculate

Do you know that you can easily calculate your return on investment? How? Read this tips and familiarize the ROI formula used.

ROI Can Make You Smile

In investing, like in life, there is the so called “happiness” and “sadness” Just choose happiness. ROI is your happiness. Imagine if you invest in stocks that can give you an average of 8% per year.
Do you know that if you invest $100 per month in stocks that earns 8% a year within 20 years, you can have a profit of $30,000. Try to calculate $100 per month investment in 20 years using compound interest calculator.

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