How to Add Activity/Feeling in Facebook Status

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Adding activity in your Facebook status can help your friends know what you’re doing at the moment. Adding activity is also one great way to let your friends invite and join you in your activity. But of course, you can’t invite them by just adding your activity in your Facebook status.

They usually see your post (about what you’re doing right now) and they will decide if they will gonna join you or not. They will use the comment box or send you an private message. You will surely get surprise if you add activity in your Facebook account because your friends may visit you in your home or to anywhere you are while doing the activity you mentioned in your status.


Quiet interesting, isn’t it? The following are the step by step guide on how can a Facebook users add activity in their statuses.

How to Add Activity in Facebook Status

Step 1. Click “What’s on your mind”. Or the box to where you usually post statuses.


Step 2. Choose “Feeling/Activity”.


Step 3. When you clicked the “feeling or activity” you will have more options to choose in each feeling or activity. All you need to do is select a specific “feeling or activity” and choose one.

Example: if you choose feeling/activity like “Listening to…”, you have the options to choose which rock band, music artist or songs you re listening to.


Step 4. Choose specific activity or feeling that you would like to post in your facebook timeline and make it as your status.


Step 5. Click Post. Write or add other things you would like to say about and do not forget to click “post”.


Tips & Warnings

  • Adding feeling/feeling in Facebook status will only take few seconds. This option is a good way to express your feelings and tell your friends what you’re doing right now.
  • Using your Facebook status can help you tell your friends immediately what you’re doing, your current location, your mood, etc.
  • You can remove or edit the feeling or activity in your Facebook status by deleting it or click the “edit ” option.
  • It is best to use mobile phone to easily add activity/feeling in your Facebook status.

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