20 Things I Want for 2015 – Happy New Year!

Posted by Grace under General Info on December 30, 2014

I know what I want. Here are the 20 things I want for 2015. Let me greet you first a warm “happy new year”. Some people believe making a new year’s wishes is a on great way to get what you want. Unfortunately, life won’t work in just by “wishing”. If you want something, make sure you know that’s what you really want. So that. when it arrives in your hands, you will be happy and satisfied.

If you want to succeed in life, the best first thing to do is to know what you really want. But, you have to work for it to earn it. Example, if you want a fabulous body, you have to sacrifice some of your time in doing extra activities like exercises or you should willing to sacrifice to not eat sweets (cakes, chocolates).


20 Things I Want on New Year (2015)

Quality time for my family. (husband and kids).
A good health for 2015 and beyond.
A target earning asset worth 10,000,000 (I’m working for it).
An apartment earning a passive income.
A FORD Everest
A Red Toyota VIOS
A 2-Storey Residential House
More Blue Chip Stock Shares
“In-Trust-For” Investment Account for my Daughter
Personal Finance Book (preferably stocks and mutual funds topic)
Laptop (i7 Processor)
A sexy and fabulous body.
A ticket to Paris or Holywood
Meet Josh Hartnett my Idol
Make new friends offline
Make new friends online
1,000 visits per day for InvestmentTotal.com
Be a good writer

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Some might say what they want for 2015, “I want to pass the board exam”. Maybe because they want to become profesional licensed teacher, accountant, lawyer, etc. Those are “good wants” too. A teenager might say “I want to meet Justine Bieber on 2015”, “kiss Miley Cyrus” .

“Meet the British Pop Boy Band – One Direction”, “Hug Niall Horan”, ” Talk to Zayn Malik”, “Have Date with Liam Payne”, Kiss Harry” or “receive gifts from Louis”. What about you? Can you tell us what you really want for 2015? Happy new Year! May you have a prosperous new years to come.

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