10 Wealthy Australian Men

Posted by Grace under General Info on August 21, 2015

Searching for the wealthy Australian men? Here are the top 10 rich people a.k.a the billionaires in Australia as listed in Forbes.com rich list. According to Forbes.Com, Gina Rinehart is the richest man in Australia with a Net Worth amounting to $12.2 Billion. Gina Rinehart is the Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting. She lives in Perth, Australia.Next to Gina Rinehart is Harry Triguboff, a self made billionaire from Sydney Australia with a net worth amounting to $5.5 Billion.

Frank Lowy is third most richest Australian. he made his fortune through shopping malls. he is a self made billionaire from  Sydney Australia. Frank Lowy’s net worth as of May 11, 2015 is amounting to $4.9 Billion.


10 Wealthy Australian Men

Note: The net worth was tracked on May 11, 2015

Rank Billionaire’s Name Net Worth
1 Gina Rinehart $12.2 Billion
2 Harry Triguboff $5.5 Billion
3 Frank Lowy $4.9 Billion
4 James Packer $4.7 Billion
5 Ivan Glasenberg $4.4 Billion
6 John Gandel $3.6 Billion
7 Anthony Pratt $3.5 Billion
8 Kerr Neilson $3.0 Billion
9 Lindsay Fox  $2.9 Billion
10 Andrew Forrest $2.1 Billion

If you want to know the real time net worth of these Australian Billionaires, just visit Forbes rich list official website, search for the “Worlds Billionaires” and look for the “Richest People in Australia”.

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    Nice List Grace, what is the source of wealth of Gina Rinehart?

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