Why Apple Stocks are Good Stock to Buy?

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 21, 2015

What do you think why Apple stocks are good stock to buy for your long term investments? Know the reasons why Apple should include in your portfolio now! A reader ask a question; is it good to buy Apple, Inc. stocks and hold it forever? I am new to stock market investing, I don’t know which company stocks should I invest in. I do not want to lose my money – my entire savings. Marcus, 48 years old from Denver Colorado, USA.We apologize for the late response regarding this topic. We received this message last March 2015. Anyway, let we do our part to answer this queries.

Stock market investing is easy. We use the technology to make trading very convenient. However, choosing the right stocks is difficult, and that’s one of the reasons why investing in stock is risky. Today, let’s just share our point of view about Apple, Inc. stocks. Apple, Inc. has high quality products. Don’t ever deny the fact that iPhone is the best among telecommunication gadgets. Compare to other brands, it’s design, quality and “loved by many”.


Why Apple Stocks are Good Stock to Buy?

In our own opinion, Apple, Inc. stock is worth having in your portfolio. If you bought Apple stocks 5 years ago, you’ll know you never made a mistake. Now, find another reason why Apple stock is still worth buying. The things to consider when choosing stocks are as follows;

Apple, Inc. Stability

I just checked few weeks ago that AAPL (Apple, Inc) was already included in Dow Jones Industrial Average, seen on CNN Money. Was this mean Apple, Inc. is now a blue chip stock? Maybe or maybe not? Check it’s stability, balance sheet and market capital.

Apple Products and Services

As I have said awhile ago, even myself I can’t resist to buy new iPhone. Many people are aware the quality they can get if they will buy Apple products such as iPad, iPod, iPhone and MacBook.

I jokingly said to my spouse, if we want to make our home beautiful and elegant, then, let’s display our wide screen MacBook in the living room.

Why Apple Stocks are Good Stock to Buy

Image Credit: John Loo via Flickr CC 2.0

Apple Innovation

Do you think Apple, Inc. will stop to think new ideas and widening their electronic products? Have you heard about Apple watch? Research and investigate the features and benefits of Apple watch. If Apple can make such extra ordinary kind of watch, then, they can make another “amazing” gadgets that every human being really needs.

AAPL Stock Price

Check out the price per share of Apple, Inc. stocks. If people can buy a $700 worth of Apple product, it is not a valid reason if you can’t say “APPL stocks worth $200 is expensive”. The best thing is to do a fundamental analysis. But, if you have no time for that, you can do a dollar cost averaging, keep on buying AAPL stock every month and sell it after 20 or 30 years.

Ask yourself, will Apple, Inc. still be the leader in electronic gadget industry? Do not forget this, do not speculate or guess. Consult with the stock experts, you can read other blogs, forums, or the best thing to do is to consult with the expert personally. May you have choose the right stocks that can make you a healthy profit. Feel free to share your opinion using the comment box. Thank you for reading,

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