What Can I Do to Make More Money as a Student, Parent & Employee

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 20, 2016

Things to do to make more money even you are a student, an employee looking for extra income or a single parent to sustain the needs of your children.

This is a simple guide on what to do everyday, every week or every month to make more money. By the way, why do to need to earn more money? Is it for leisure? Is it because you want to enjoy life for better? Or you just want to feel how good life will be if you have more money?


The “what can I do to make more money” is one of the most asked question in personal finance under “earning money”. There are many people who are willing to do anything just to double their earnings per month. A student, a parent or an employee are willing to exert more effort to make more money. However sometimes, even they exert more effort, they earn less money.

What Can I Do to Make More Money?

A reader of InvestmentTotal.com asked this question few days ago, and here I am answering this frequently asked question;

“Grace, you are a fantastic blogger. Thank you for not being selfish in sharing your knowledge in business and finance. I just want to know exactly the best things  to make more money”.

Joanna, Japan via Email

Things to Do to Make More Money

Make more money as a student…

  • Working part time as a student can help you make money as a student.
  • Do not spend your salary as a part time worker.
  • Buy something and resell it to your classmates or neighbors.
  • Learn to earn money on the internet.

Make more money as a parent…

  • Save money for your business capital.
  • Increase your family income by selling products or services at home.
  • Get promoted on job.
  • Generate passive income by investing money.
  • Try paper assets investing, they only required less efforts.
  • Sell affiliate products online.

Make more money as an employee…

  • Get promoted on job. Ask a salary raise.
  • Continue your education for fast promotion.
  • Sell products or services during your free hours.

If you want to make more money, spend your money in a “thing” that generate another money. By spending money wisely, saving and investing, you can make more money easily. Learn how to invest your money today.

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