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Posted by Grace under General Info, Personal Finance on January 22, 2015

I started to post the best personal finance blog of the week today at Return On Investment blog. All blogs must be compiled and organized in one categories (Best Personal Finance Blog). Awhile ago, I received a message from the owner of Vostro Financial Help. Let me just keep the message confidential.

Ana Suzdenkova is the blogger behind VostroCorp.com. What makes me interesting about this blog is that the owner is a real estate investor, according to Ana “Some of my successes include purchasing my first real estate in my early 20s. Proudly paying off my entire university tuition and managing a summer driveway maintenance business!”


Wow, she is a young real estate investor. And for me she is also knowledgeable in stock market investing and mutual funds . His blog is a sure success if she will continue to contribute a personal finance topic since she was already have an experience in investing. One thing I noticed about this blog is the “great or wow!” about page.

I say wow, because she is a mutual fund licensed and she holds an accounting degree. She is a financial advisor (I have no idea if she is a CFP – a Certified Financial Planner).Just visit her blog and know more about her.

Best Finance Blog of the Week is Vostro Financial Help

I choose some topic to include in this page, what makes me interested is her post about “why are oil prices are dropping?” Read the article and increase your knowledge in investing. She emphasize the reasons why oil prices are dropping and here they are;

Supply Versus Demand
Political Tension (especially in Russia)
Oil Production Issue in Saudi Arabia

I guess this post is enough for my first weekly round up for my personal finance blogger friends. Go ahead and visit vostrocorp.com to learn not just personal finance education but other important things that really matter.

As a gift, Ana will include Return On Investment ( URL: http://www.investmenttotal.com/ ) in her blog roll and mention my post entitled “how to start investing in stocks” ( URL: http://investmenttotal.com/how-to-start-investing-in-stocks/)  in one of her blog post at Vostro Financial Help.

Want to include your post in my next weekly round up? Maybe next week, your blog is the best finance blog of the week! Kindly mention my blog “Return On Investment” in your post and I will mention your blog, too. It’s just a “good blogging relationship” thing. Anyway, we are both providing useful content for every internet users. So, don’t be shy! Let me know about your post and include your blog as one of the best personal finance blogs in the world.

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