US Stock Market has Reached its Top?

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 22, 2015

I heard some investors and read some news that the US stock market has reached its top. Is true or false? Do you agree with the statement – “US stock market reached its top”. Many stock market investors are not panic. Why? It is because they know what to do during good times and bad times. For them, investing is not timing. It is “being wise” that make them so rich in the market.

We at admins, are also investing in the stock market. We want to hear your thoughts about this rumor. If you agree, share your opinion on what to do. If you disagree, please tell us why.


Dollar Cost Averaging

If you believe in this “stuff”, I mean you do agree that the US stock market has reached its top. You might consider dollar cost averaging. DCA investors ignores any types of market news because they will only after on “keep on investing”.

They play the market wisely. They can buy more shares if the market isn’t good and they can buy less shares when the market is doing great. And the average,of course, they make more money because they have bought more shares when the stock prices are low.

Stop Investing – Sell All Your Shares

Decide whether you will keep on investing or sell all your shares. Maybe some investors point of views, US stock market reached its top, but, the game its not yet over. As long as the federal government will print more dollars, the stock market will continue.

If you will sell all your shares, you may have two different results in the future. First, you might blame yourself and tell yourself “why did I sell all my shares” and the second thought will be “if only I keep on buying more stocks last 5 years…”.

Share Your Thoughts

The solution for this if you are confused on what to do with your stock shares is to research and investigate. First, ask the stock market expert, second, keep on getting news about stock market and lastly, you should follow the ones who became a financially successfully by investing in the stock market. Like Warren Buffett and other investors. What do these successful people do when they heard such news. Copy their strategy and become a successful investor, too.

Do you think US stock market has reached its top? I believe you have some thoughts and opinions you would like to share. Leave it by using the comment box and we’ll be more happy because you joined us in this conversation. Have a great and successful financial journey. Happy investing!

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