Trade Bitcoin to Ripple (BTC Vs. XRP) via Kraken (Success)

Posted by Grace under Investing on November 13, 2017

Want to trade Bitcoin to Ripple? Trading cryptocurrency is one of the hottest money making opportunities online that you should not missed. Few months ago, I started buying Ripple coins via Kraken and it was very successful. For those who are interested to have XRP Ripple coin, here is the simple guide.

Bitcoin is the hottest cryptocurrency. Also, Bitcoin Cash, in case you want to trade Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash, you can also do it in few minutes. As an example, le me guide you on how to buy Ripple coins XRP using my Bitcoin BTC via Kraken trading platform. For me, it was pretty amazing experiencing using Kraken, when I have some troubles, they usually responses in just few minutes and they respond to my emails nicely and professionally.


Trade Bitcoin to Ripple (BTC Vs. XRP) via Kraken (Success)

You can see in the image below that I have bitcoin BTC amounting to 0.010 (tradable balance). How I got this BitCoin in my Kraken account? I just deposit BitCoin to my Kraken account and now those Bitcoin can trade to alt coins (Ripple, Ethereum, BitCoin cash, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, etc.)

Step 1. Deposit fund to your Kraken account. Deposit Bitcoin to Kraken account easily. You can verify your account first if you want for future use like withdrawals.

Step 2. Choose which cryptocurrency you want to trade. Example. XBT is the code of Bitcoin in Kraken and Ripple is XRP. In this case, XBT to XRP.

Step 3. Check your available Bitcoin BTC. Tradable balance. These balance can use in trading or buying other coins.

Step 4. Choose new order and fill amount. And then choose BUY or SELL. 

Tips and Warnings

  • Note that this post is not an investment or trading advice. Trade and invest in cryptocurrency at your own risk.
  • When trading cryptocurrency, do check some news and updates for news and events can increase or decrease the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Stay away from Shit Coin. Hey, there’s no such thing as shitcoin as of today.
  • Know what is the value of Bitcoin to USD and the importance of Ripple in banking technology. Also, it is advisable not to believe on price predictions, just trade or invest for long term. Just like the Bitcoin millionaire did, he bought Bitcoin and after 10 years he is a multi millionaire at a young age. When trading, consider the fastest growing cryptocurrencies for successful cryptocurrency trading and investing endeavours.

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