35 Top Investment Books of All Time to Learn Investing

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Try to read these top investment books to get more ideas on investing. Many of us wants to become a successful investor like Warren Buffett. The reason why Warren Buffett became a successful investor is “continuous learning”. How can you learn and grow as an investor? The answer is by attending seminars, talking to investments experts, consulting to financial experts and read investing books.

I prefer to read investment books rather than reading fictions. So, far I have read personal finance and investing book like CashFlow Quadrant of Robert T. Kiyosaki, Build Your Own Mutual Fund of Brian O’Connell, The Lifetime Guide to Money published by Wall Street Journal and the book of Suze Orman entitled “The Money Book for The Young Fabulous and Broker”.


Top Investment Books

Here are the top 20 investing books you should try reading to expand your knowledge and skills about investing. These investing books are available on online shopping stores that sell digital books (PDF File). If you want a hard copy of these books, you can visit the book stores near you.

top investment books

Investment Books Front Covers

1. The Intelligent Investor (Also known for Value Investing)
Author: Benjamin Graham
Subject: Security, Investment
Originally Published: 1949

2. A Random Walk Down Wall Street: Including a Life-Cycle Guide to Personal Investing
Author: Burton Malkiel
Influential Book About Stock Market Investing
Originally Published: 1973

3. Security Analysis
Authors: Benjamin Graham and David Dodd
Subject: Finance, Investment
Published: 1934

4. Stocks for the Long Run
Author: Jeremy Siegel
Published: 1994

5. Learn to Earn
Authors: John Rothchild and Peter Lynch
Published: 1995

6. Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns
Author: John C. Bogle
Published: March 2007

7. Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist
Author: Roger Lowenstein
Originally published: 1995

8. The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio
Author: William J. Bernstein
Originally Published: 2002

9. Market Wizards
Author: Jack D. Schwager
Originally Published: 1989

10. The Intelligent Asset Allocator
Author: William J. Bernstein
Originally Published: January 1, 2000

11. You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: (Even if You’re Not Too Smart!) Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits
Author: Joel Greenblatt
Originally Published: 1997

12. The Warren Buffett Way
Author: Robert Hagstrom
Originally Published: November 4, 1994

13. The Investment Answer
Author: Gordon S. Murray
Originally Published: January 25, 2011

14. Buffettology
Author: Mary Buffett
Originally Published: 1997

15. The New Market Wizards
Author: Jack D. Schwager
Originally Published: 1992

16. The Only Three Questions That Count
Author: Kenneth Fisher
Originally Published: 2007

17. Active Portfolio Management
Authors: Richard C. Grinold and Ronald N. Kahn
Published: 1995

18. The investor’s quotient
Author: Jake Bernstein
Originally Published: August 24, 1993

19. The art of speculation
Author: Philip L. Carret
Published: 1930

20. Super Stocks
Author: Kenneth Fisher
Originally Published: 1984

21. Investing in One Lesson
Author: Mark Skousen, 2007

22. The Zulu Principle
Author Jim Slater, 1992

23. Dividend Stocks for Dummies
Author: Lawrence Carrel
Published: January 1, 2010

24. Bogle on mutual funds
Author: John C. Bogle
Published: 1993

25. Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets
Author: Michael Covel
Published: 2004

26. Investing in REITS
Author: Ralph L Block
Originally Published: September 1, 1998

27. The Wall Street Journal: Complete Real-Estate Investing Guidebook
Author: David Crook
Published: December 2006

28. The new money masters
Author: John Train
Published: 1989

29. The Wall Street Waltz
Author: Kenneth Fisher
Published: 1987

30. Investing 101
Author: by Kathy Kristof
Originally Published: January 1, 2000

31. Real estate investments and how to make them
Author: Milt Tanzer
Published: 1980

32. The Little Book That Builds Wealth
Author: Pat Dorsey
Originally Published: March 3, 2008

33. Big Picture Investing
Author; Peter Navarro
Published: January 1. 2013

34. How to Become a Millionaire
Author: Jim Slater and Tom Stevenson
Date Published: 2000

35. Psychology and the Stock Market: Investment Strategy Beyond Random Walk  
Author: AuDavid N. Dreman
Published: December, 1977

The Top Investment Books was Revived by Many Books

The ideas of old investment books was now written in some of the investing books that are publish today. Some authors just published book for the sake of being a “author”. But, the content of their books was just crafted from these top investment books. Try to read newly published investment books today and read the old investing books, the content are just the same.

If you can buy a copy of these books listed in the top ten like “The Intelligent Investor”, buy it now. That book is enough for you to make a good investor. As the book title emphasized “INTELLIGENT”.

For me the top investment book is the book of Benjamin Graham (The Intelligent Investor). This book is the most popular. When I asked some of my friends who are investing in the stock market, they say “The Intelligent Investor” is a good investing books to read.

What about you? Did you already read “The Intelligent Investor”? Do you prefer to read investing books during your free time or you just learn investing online? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. If you know other good investing books, kindly mention it in your comments.

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