Thoughts on Money, Family and Happiness!

Posted by Grace under Money on April 8, 2016

Here some thoughts on money and anything. What is money, family and happiness? There are times I think often about money! Want to know the reasons why? I will share to you why money is more important than anything. Yes, I mean anything! I want to become rich. I am serious in getting rich, that’s why I save and invest money with self discipline.

In work, money is the best motivator. In family, money is the best instrument to show your love and care! But many people still believe that money is the root of all evil. The truth is “the lack of money is the root of all evil”.


Why do people do evil things? Is it because they are rich or they live in poverty. The answer is because they live in poverty. A greedy people are not rich people. The truly rich people use their riches to perform and do their missions in this life.

So, whenever you heard that rich people are getting richer because they are greedy, that’s not true. Truly rich are not greedy, remember that!

Few months ago, we discussed about money and love. Now, let me ask you again the same question, which is more important to you? Money or love? Maybe you will answer “love” or maybe you answer “money”. They are both important. Believe me, money can buy happiness!

Thoughts on Money, I am Happy When I Have It…

I am happy when I am capable to buy what my family’s needs. I am very happy when I am dating with my wife. I use money to make myself and other people’s happy. (Just read the explanation on the article I mentioned related to “money or love”.

In short, I am happy when I see every members of my family happy.

thoughts on money

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Thoughts on Money, The Family Will Only Survive If…

A family will only survive if it has enough money to use to buy its basic needs such as clothing, food, education and shelter. But, what’s the sense of having a lot of money if you have no family. A funny question, what’s the sense of having a family if you are just living miserably.

For those single men out there. Here’s what you should remember, first make money. Second, find the reasons why you need to make money! You will get shock when you think deeply the reasons why you need money, because you will found out that your “family” is the greatest reason why you need to have more money.

It is because, family is not “anything” it’s everything! Now you know why I said awhile ago that “money is important than anything”? what can you say about this thoughts on money, family and happiness? Share your opinion in the comment box!

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