Risk Free Investment Options in USA with Quick Return

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 21, 2015

Want to know the risk free investment options in USA with quick return today? A reader asked; Please tell me the types of investments that are risk-free and those offers that can give me a quick return on investments (ROI). I have little amount of money to invest and these money are my lifetime savings. Thank you.Answer: Here at InvestmentTotal.com, we need to understand the emotions of our readers especially those who sent us a email message. The guy who sent this message is not yet familiar with investments.

There are many forms of investments and they are as follows;


  • Stocks – buying and selling company stock shares.
  • Mutual Funds – many investors invest money and the money pooled will invest as “one” fund.
  • Trust Accounts – same as mutual fund but you can do it the bank.
  • Bonds – these are IOU types of investments from corporations and governments.
  • Real Estate – buy and sell properties such as house and lots.
  • Savings – your money parked in the bank.
  • Business Ownership – you will be the sole proprietor

Risk Free Investment Options in USA with Quick Return

These investments are high risk and some are low risk. But “risk-free”? There is no such type of investment. Well we should educate the readers.

The moment you invest your money, you let someone hold your hard-earned money, it is the time you put your risk into risk. There are different types of risk. But if we will just sue our common sense, in this situation, the risk is “what if someone run away”.

Even a savings has risk, (but is defined has a low risk type of investment). The risk is “what is the bank closed”, or “bankrupt?

Be Willing to Take Risks

Now, you know what I am talking about., You should be willing to take risk if you want to get rich. But getting rich is in fact not a “quick” thing. You should patiently wait. If you want a quick return, you must avoid investing. Risk-free and quick return are “scams”. A legitimate investment offers don’t even guarantee returns but they are real. Do share your thoughts and opinions regarding with this matter. Leave a comment and share this page with your friends.

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