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Posted by Grace under Business on October 2, 2015

Looking for part time jobs from home without investment? Only your time and effort are required, but investment capital? Not required. There are many people who want to earn extra income from home. They are looking for a work from home jobs without investment and other people fall into thinking that they can make more money online or at home without any investment at all. Here in, I am always trying to find solutions to every possible question that my readers may ask. I am not a big fan of the word “FREE”, experts says if you want to get rich slow or fast, you must invest not only your time but invest money to make money. I am not saying there are no part time jobs from home without investment, I am saying that if you want to earn money, you must invest at least small amount of money.

So, like what I’ve said, I am trying to do my best to serve every readers and visitors. The tips and advice here good to do online and some are traditional part time jobs from home. If you want to earn money part time at home, simply do the following tips.


Things Required:

  • Specific Skills
  • Computer, Internet Skills
  • Mobile Phone

Example of Part Time Jobs from Home without Investment

I know you have internet connection, computer and mobile phone. One of the suggested part time jobs from home without investment is to use your skills (maybe computer skills) to earn money. How to do it? Continue reading for further details;

Step 1. Register to any outsourcing company (Odesk, Freelance, etc.).

It only takes 5 minutes to register and complete your profile. Do not ignore this step, because this is the most important steps to find part time jobs from home without investment.

After you registered, you must complete your profile together with the payment method. This simply means, you have to make your profile attractive to the clients. If you have previous projects, put it to your profile. The payment method or the way you want to get paid can be check or PayPal. If you have no PayPal account, you can go to and create an account for free, otherwise, choose “check” the way you want to get paid.

Step 2. Browse available jobs.

Apply for a job. Most jobs are typing jobs, encoding, article writing, etc. Jobs that are related to “computer skills” or a jobs that can help the client to promote their businesses such as building back links, creating a video, posting to social media sites, etc.

Step 3. Finish the project on time.

When you get hired. Finish the project in a given time. You must meet the requirements asked by your employer or clients.

Step 4. Get Paid via Check or PayPal

Once your project is done. You must get paid based on the time you consumed or the quantity of projects you created.

Step 5. Withdraw Your Earnings

You can withdraw your earnings as long as you met the minimum payment threshold. Some outsourcing companies minimum threshold is only $25, this means you can withdraw your earnings when you make $25. Some are $100, it depends on the company.

Tips & Warnings in Finding Part Time Jobs from Home without Investment

Be careful not to fall into get rich quick schemes. Be smart in selecting outsourcing companies. If you are not sure, ask and always read the FAQs (frequently asked questions) of your preferred outsourcing company.

When you saved money from your earnings, you can invest small amount of money and find a good online business that required only small amount of investment capital. Always visit and find the best investment opportunities, read guides on how to start a business whether you want to own a business online or a traditional business.

Any other ideas about part time jobs from home without investment? If you know, write it in the comment box below. Do not forget to share this page with your friends.

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