Is Master of Finance Necessary to Learn Investing?

Posted by Grace under Investing on September 20, 2015

You don’t need to study master of finance or took any any finance degree just to learn how to start investing your money. But, don’t get me wrong, if you are a master of finance, your chance to become financially independent is very high. Your financial education will be worthy and it can be your asset to obtain more wealth. Unless you never practice what you have learned in school when you study master of finance.

You may understand easily what finance is or the other technical terms used in accounting. Maybe you know everything how investment on a specific vehicle works. However, you can’t become rich on what you know unless you make money on what you know.


Example, you know and understand how does stock market works, but, you aren’t investing in stocks, will you make money then? No. Another example, you know what is a government bond, you understand that is one of the safest and low risk types of investments but you din’t invest money with it. You are just saving money in the bank because you are afraid to lose money, will you become rich then? No.

I know many people who become rich who aren’t master of finance. Most of them are aggressive investors and young entrepreneurs. They just know basic math, they know basic steps on how to calculate the return on investment, they just know how to make money by practicing what they have learned in the books, forums, seminars and personal finance and investing blog like

Who Will Need to Study Master of Finance?

Those who wants to become a financial planner, a CFP or certified financial planner or those who wants to become a RIA registered investment advisor. Why? it is because they will take necessary examinations to get a licence.

I believe education is one of the best investment you can have. Financial education can help you and make you become skillful and knowledgeable in personal finance and investing. So, if you want to become a master of finance, it’s okay. You can make money out of becoming a master of finance by giving financial advice or investment advice. But, you need to become a CFP or RIA.

Is Master of Finance Necessary to Learn Investing

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I want to Invest Money in Stock Market, Do I Need to Become a Master of Finance?

The answer is no. You don’t need to become a master of finance if you want to invest in the stock market. When you first heard the word “stock market”, it seems that these words are like a monster or a terrifying thing from another planet.

When you want to invest in the stock market, all you need to is to find a stock broker. In our days, there are many online brokerage companies that allows the investors to buy the stocks they wanted. Find online brokerage and then fund your account. After that, start buying stock shares.

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