Invest in Bitcoin: Buy, Sell, Trade Bitcoin for Future

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Invest in bitcoin to make more profits tomorrow. Learn how to invest in bitcoin today easily and effortlessly. Many people believe that the price of one bitcoin will increase in the log run. So, investing in bitcoin for them is a wise decision. Are you one of those people who are interested to buy, sell and trade bitcoin? What are bitcoins? I search it on the internet and this what I found; “Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.”

The dictionary added “bitcoin has become a hot commodity among speculators”. What does this mean? Bitcoin is also trade. People will buy them at a low price and wait for few months. When the price of a bitcoin goes up, they will make profit.


Invest in Bitcoin: Buy, Sell, Trade Bitcoin for Future

Take a look at the historical price of bitcoin. After you see the historical price, I am sure you will have an idea whether you will invest in bitcoin or invest in other financial assets.

1 USD to BTC  in 2009, you should have at least 10,000 bitcoin today if you trade 1 USD to BTC that year. 

  • Bitcoin Price in 2009: $0.0001
  • Bitcoin Price in 2010: $0.07
  • Bitcoin Price in 2011: $15
  • Bitcoin Price in 2012: 7
  • Bitcoin Price in 2013: $100
  • Bitcoin Price in 2014: $600
  • Bitcoin Price in 2015: $220
  • Bitcoin Price in 2016: $750
  • Bitcoin Price: 2017: $3,451

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If You Invest in Bitcoin, Here’s What You Can Get!

Imagine if you invest in bitcoin last 2009 with only $100, you have 1,000,000 bitcoin. Wow. And now let us convert those 1,000,000 bitcoin in the current bit coin price of 2017 which is $3,451

The Result: $3,451,000,000

Strategy in Investing in Bitcoin

Maybe you asked, how can I make money investing in bitcoin. The answer is simple. Buy bitcoin at a low price and sell them at a high price. The more bitcoins you can buy when the price is low and few bitcoins when the price is high.

A number game. The more bitcoins you have, the more profit you can get. However, it is not easy to buy bitcoin. You need to consider the following;

  • Find reliable and reputable company that allows you to buy bitcoin.
  • You can also use exchange in your own country or international. Convert your money into bitcoin.
  • Other people use bitcoin BTC in investing online. Some online investments and MLM are offering BTC payments.

Tips and Warnings in Investing in Bitcoin

A. Before you decide to invest in bitcoin, you must have a final investment plan. How much money (your own currency) should you spend in buying bitcoin.

B. Do not join HYIP, high yield investment programs.

C. Always track the price of bitcoin. If you think it is the time to sell, sell your bit coin. And if you think it’s the time to buy more, then buy more bitcoins. Beware to frauds and scams online. Stay away from gambling sites.

Always visit for more information, tips and useful strategies on how to invest in bitcoin. Kindly share this page and do not forget to leave a comment if you have ideas on how to make huge profit in investing in bitcoins. Happy trading bitcoins!

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