Easy Ways to Buy Stocks Shares Online (5 Steps)

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Guide on how to buy stock shares online, the things needed to open a stock brokerage account & tips on how to spot the legitimate stock broker online.

Here are the best ways to buy stocks hares on the internet. There are brokerage firms offers services online. I will give you some tips before you will start investing in the stock market. Probably, you are excited after you know the benefits of stocks investing. It will help you to make your money grow overtime. However, you must understand that stock trading is very risky, especially if you will do it online.


Here at InvestmentTotal.com, you can learn a lot of things for free. Thank you for visiting this blog. This guide is just a basic related on how to start investing in stocks, even you, yourself, can do it alone. Just follow the procedures provided in this article.

How Does the Stock Market Works?

You can make money with stock investing through capital gains and dividends. If you buy shares at low price and planning to sell your shares at high price, you must be willing to patiently wait. The stock prices doesn’t easily increases, it takes time to realize your gains. While dividends means a profit distribution of the company or companies to its stockholders.

You must have goal. You must be sure when to buy and when to sell your stocks. When buying stocks, prefer blue chips because they are stable and secured. Buy stocks at low price. How to determine if the stock price is low. You have to do a technical or fundamental analysis. There are blogs and websites that offers “stocks recommendation”. Usually, these websites has making their fundamental analysis before they provide recommendations on which stocks to buy.

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Things Needed in Buying Stock Shares
You must prepare the things needed if you want to trade stocks online. An email address is very important, a brokerage account, a fund (investment capital)., computer, tablet or mobile phone.

How to Buy Stock Shares Online?

1. Find a brokerage firm that offers stock trading online. Example of these companies are ScotTrade and eTrade. Do not create an account that is not listed in SEC (Security and Exchange Commission).

2. Create an account on the online stock brokerage. In creating an account, it is necessary to verify your information and personal details such as address, bank accounts, email address, etc. Different brokerage firms, different procedures of verifying the account of the trader or investor.

3. After you have created your brokerage online account, fund your account using credit card or via bank deposit. The website has all the instructions on how to fund your account.

4. Before you start buying stocks, kindly study the procedures on the website, how to buy and how to sell. There are instructions in each of the website, mostly, the pages also known as “education” or “knowledge data base”. Do not rush your trading, spend time to read articles, watch videos and chat with the customer service representative of the brokerage firm online.

Easy Ways to Buy Stocks Shares Online (5 Steps)

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5. After you have studied the guides provided in the online brokerage firms, I assumed you are already equipped with knowledge on how to trade. Start buying stocks but I as I have said earlier, you must search on what stocks to buy.

Tips & Warning

It is advisable to attend investing seminars. Be aware of risks involve in stock trading online. To become more successful, continue learning and growing by reading books, blogs, asking questions in forums. Stock market investing will only be profitable if you are skillful in trading, buy hold and wait patiently.

Check your broker background information using FINRA broker check.

Get inspired, learn more strategies and analyze which is really effective. You have to prepare the things before investing such as emergency funds, insurance, health insurance, name it. One more thing, ask a certified financial planner or stock experts before investing your hard earned money.

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