How to Actually Purchase a Stock?

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 10, 2016

Here is the guide on how to actually purchase a stock. Learning the first step in stock market investing is necessary. That first step will lead you to purchase a stock. Investing in the stock market nowadays is very easy, because of the use of technology.

A reader asked a question; I am new to investing, how to actually purchase a stock? Is there any documents need to submit? How much money do I need to buy my first stock?


How to Actually Purchase a Stock? – The Process

You can’t purchase a stock if you have no stock brokerage account. What you need to do today in order for you to buy stock is to open a brokerage account. There are stock brokerage account that can allow you to open an account online.

After you opened your stock brokerage account, fund your account and start purchasing stocks. You need to learn how to buy stock with your brokerage account.

Purchase a Stock According to Board Lot

Also, purchasing a stock has “time”. There are trading hours you should consider. When you purchase stock, you need to know the board lot. You are allow to buy as many stock as you want as long as they are align in the board lot. Say for example, the board lot of ABCDE stock is 100, you should purchase stock by 100, 200. In that case, buying 150 stocks is not allowed.

Know the transaction fee and tax when buying stocks. Just go to your transaction history and view the transaction details.

That’s how to actually purchase a stock. You should not only buying any stocks, choose the best stocks to invest in. Preferably blue chip stocks. Blue chip stocks are good for long term investing and dollar cost averaging. If you have any questions related to stock market investing, leave a comment or write a message in our contact page.

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