Highest Return On Investments in Stocks VS. Business

Posted by Grace under Investing on December 28, 2015

Here I want to share to you about the highest return on investments using a simple strategy in stock market investing. Few months ago, I published an investing tips telling InvestmentTotal.com readers about the investments that can give high return. There are many readers who are curious to know how am I doing when it comes to investing. Actually Daniel from Ohio, asked a question about this question through email. Daniel asked; “how can I get high ROI in investing in stocks, may I see your stocks portfolio?”.

Today, let me share to you how to get high ROI in stock market investing. I know you are familiar on how beginners invest money in the stock market. This post is not for “experts”, this is for beginners only. I know many investors who can make as high as 8% per year. Wherein, 8 percent per year is the average return on investment.


I know 8 percent return on investment can be improved in many ways.  But, you just have to willing to take high risks. The old “formula” applies to this “high risk means high return”. Great risk means great rewards. Therefore, you need to take high risk if you want to get high return.

Highest Return On Investments for this Year

When I bought SMPH stocks this year. Around 5 months, SMPH gave me a profit of 11%. Eleven percent is not enough. The question is “can your stocks portfolio earned 11% in 5 months?”.

Here is  strategy to get high ROI in stock investing. You have to choose “big companies” that offers great services and high quality products. Choose companies that are stable. Prefer blue chip stocks. Buy at least 3 or 5 stocks.

The secret in buying stocks is simple. When the prices are low, buy more. Stop buying stocks when you hit the target price (you should know when to stop buying stocks) and wait until the prices go up, and then sell it. Also, you need to study how does dollar cost averaging works if you want to get highest return on investment.

Highest Return on Investments in Stocks VS. Small Backyard Piggery

Many of you knows about me. I already tell my readers that I am busy in my agricultural business. A small backyard piggery. Which one do you think can give me the highest return on investment?

The average ROI in stocks is 8%. You are a good investor if you can make more than that. Most millionaires don’t focus on investing in stocks. They are just using “stocks” as one of their investment portfolio. They have businesses, real estate properties, money market funds and stock shares. They use asset allocation to ensure their asset will grow and keep on earning for them.

My Business Gave Me the Highest Return On Investments

Here’s what I’ve got. In stocks I earned 11% this year for my small investment funds. My mutual funds (stock equity) also performed well. My hog raising business gave me the highest return on investments. How? My investment capital for every piglet until they grow (finishing stage – ready to sell) is $120. When I sell the pig, I can get as much as 20% of my investment capital. How many times do I raise a pig in one year? Three times per year. That means, I can make as much as 60% ROI per year.

What about you? How do you get your highest return on investments? In stocks, businesses, real estate or other investment? Share your investing experience now.

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