Globe Prepaid Home WiFi for GoSurf Prepaid Promos, Price & Features

Posted by Grace under ICT on October 3, 2017

If you are a Globe subscriber and bought Globe Prepaid Home WiFi, you must know the GoSurf promos for prepaid users. GoSurf has many features and they are valid in a specific days. If you love to play games, using messenger, Facebook apps, Twitter, and even YouTube, GoSurf may suit your daily budget.

I bought Globe At Home Prepaid Home WiFi and I find it very useful even though I just subscribed for GoSurf50 wherein it is valid for 3 days. I wrote articles, watch YouTube videos, create Tweets, and post in my Facebook timelines.


If you are interested to subscribe to any of the Globe GoSurf, read the instructions carefully on this page.

To register in Globe GoSurf, text the keyword to 8080 or dial *143# and choose GoSURF. List of Globe GoSurf plus keywords, prices, features and validity.

Globe GoSurf Prepaid Promos, Price Features and Validity

Keyword GoSURF15 GoSurf50 GoSURF299 GoSurf599 GoSURF999
GoSURF MB Capacity 40 MB 1 GB 1.5 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Freebies 30 MB Mobile Legends 300 MB for app of choice + Unli Allnet Texts 1 GB for app of choice 1 GB for app of choice 1 GB for app of choice
Price P15 P50 P299 P599 P999
Vaidity 2 Days 3 Days 30 Days 30 Days 40 Days

How to Subscribe to Globe GoSURF Promos Using Globe Prepaid Home WiFi 

Globe Prepaid Home WiFi review

If you are using Globe Prepaid Home Wifi, go to and send KEYWORD to 8080, you can also use your mobile phone to subscribe, just remove your sim to the modem and send the keyword.

Login to and use “admin” username and password, go to inbox and send the keyword to 8080

Example: GoSURFf50

Globe Prepaid Home WiFi Review and Experiences

Reviewed: In my experience, after I bought Globe Prepaid Home WiFi in Globe center at SM City Pampanga, Philippines. The staff were friendly and courteous. They helped me decide what to buy for my internet surfing needs. I became interested in Globe Prepaid Home WiFi  since it has no monthly obligations. I will just load the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi  number and subscribe to my preferred GoSURF promos, I liked GoSURF50, It’s enough for my internet activities.

Globe Prepaid Home WiFi is very fast compare to pocket WiFi. I conclude that if you want to save more in your internet bill, buy Globe Prepaid Home WiFi and just load your number and subscribe to any of Globe GoSURF promos.

What about you? Did you already tried and tested Globe Prepaid Home WiFi? Can you please say something about this and your experiences in using Globe GoSURF promos using the device? Join the conversation in the comment box.

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