Future Worth of Present Amount: $100 Per Month Investment

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 30, 2015

Know the future worth of present amount ($100 per month investment) after a specific period of time. The future value of one hundred dollars investment is worth millions if invested properly, preferably high risk type of investments like stocks and mutual fund equity type.

You will increase your interest and boost your confidence in investing once you know the future value of one hundred dollars, because you will soon realized that a small amount of money (small amount of investment capital) can help you achieve financial freedom. You can take advantage of dollar cost averaging if you start investing when you are at a young age.


Future Worth of Present Amount

The data below are the numbers representing the future value of monthly investment of one hundred ($100). Analyze the numbers in the table and you’ll get amaze how a $100 per month investment can turn into millions.

Note: The numbers might not be accurate. In investing, there are certain taxes and charge service fees that are not calculated (not included) in this table. The results are based from the effects of compound interest. Note: The interest earned was calculated based on earnings per year.

Monthly Investments Years or Months Interest Future Value
$100 5 Years: 60 Months 8% $7,039
$100 10 Years: 120 Months 12% $21,058
$100 15 Years: 180 Months 15% $57,096
$100 20 Years: 240 Months 18% $175,953
$100 25 Years: 300 Months 20% $566,377

Update:If you will continue to invest $100 per month within 30 years that earns 18% interest, $949,137 and if the investment will earn 20%, you will have one million dollar or more. To be exact, the future value of $100 per month investment that earns 20% within 30 years is $1,418,257.

Tips & Warnings

Maybe you are now curious where to invest one hundred dollar $100 every month. If you are not familiar with investing, feel free to go to any financial institution (banks that offers unit trust investments , mutual fund companies) talk to a certified financial planner and ask about the different types of investments. Consider investing in stocks, this is a high risk type of investment that can give you the highest return (ROI).

Look for a CFP or Ask Registered Investment Advisor – ask for an investment advice. A CFP/RIA can help you make a financial goal, teach you how and where to invest and can even guide you to invest money for your retirement.

Now you have an idea what is the future worth of present amount of $100 per month investment. Decide to invest now, do not procrastinate. Happy investing!

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