How to Make Additional Investment in FAMI SALEF Philippines?

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A guide on how to make additional investment FAMI-SALEF and other type of mutual funds of First Metro Management Inc.When I read some blogs and forums, some comments are “it’s difficult to invest in FAMI”, some say “what an hassle!”. If you want to succeed do not do the things that are not easy, do the things that are difficult. Life is easy if you take it seriously, life is hard if you take it easy.

Besides, investing requires a little effort, remove to your vocabulary the word “effortless investing”. Do not rely on technology or you will just became lazy and fat. Some say just go online and invest, yes that’s true, but you still have to transact with the real people. That’s a common sense. How can you make additional investment if you don’t know how to make an initial investment?


Some guide when investing in FAMI based on my experience, take note, I have to write this simple steps over and over again so that you will know how easy or how it’s hard, it depends. I visit their official website and download their forms, read their investing procedures (read the prospectus as well).

How to Make Additional Investment in FAMI SALEF Philippines?

Initial, Additional and Redemption Guide

For Initial Investment: Do not forget to read the fund’s prospectus. Fill out an opening account form, investment application form, signature cards, and photocopy of 2 valid government ID’s. Go to any Metrobank branches and ask the staff to assist you about investing in FAMI. Ask them on how to open a FAMI account, if they don’t know it. Ask the bank branch manager. He/she will be glad to assist you.

 FAMI SALEF Philippines

FAMI SALEF Philippines Office in Makati

For Additional Investment: Assuming you opened your FAMI account, all you have to do is get a payment slip at Metrobank. See the details below on how to make additional investment in any of First Metro Asset Management Inc. mutual fund types.

For Redemption: I don’t want to write it here because I have no intention to redeem my investments too early, maybe 30 years from now. As a guide visit their official website at

Here is the new ways on how to invest additional money at FAMI-SALEF (First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund Inc.). As stated in their letter when I received my April-June 30 2014 FAMI Statement of Account .

“Effective August 1, 2014, Metrobank will no longer accept direct deposits to FAMI funds via its blue deposit slips. In light of this, we highly recommend using Metrobank’s green Payment Slip as the payment mode of choice for additional investments. It can be transacted in any of Metrobank’s 700 branches, and does not require you to fill out a FAMI Investment Application form anymore.”

The image will show you the new ways on how to deposit your additional investments at FAMI. For clarification, will write it here;

  1. Get Metrobank’s green payment slip
  2. Check Peso Billing/Dollar Billing
  3. Write the date
  4. Company name should be; FAMI_Equityfund_SALEF
  5. Your Name (subscriber/account name)
  6. Reference Number: Eight Digits (just add 000+Client Number)
  7. Subscriber Number: Eight Digits (just add 000+Client Number)
  8. Mode of Payment: Cash/Check
  9. Write the amount inm figures and words
  10. Total Cash/Total CheckPayment

As you can see, for those who are familiar in making an additional investment with FAMI SALEF before, you are writing “First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund Inc”, from now on you should write the following;

  • for SALEF please write: FAMI_EquityFund_SALEF
  • for SALFIF please write: FAMI_FixIncome_SALFIF
  • for SALBF please write: FAMI_BalancedFund_SALBF
  • for OWN please write: FAMI_OneWealthyNation_OWN

It is very convenient to make additional investment in First Metro Asset Management Inc, some people think it’s hard, it’s because they don’t try yet, or they are lazy to go to any of Metrobank branches ^-^ Is it really hard to invest money in mutual funds? Believe it or not, it’s very easy as long as you know you should really need to invest.

Some FAMI Achievement Trivia

  • FAMI- Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc got an 1st place award for the1,3 and 5 year return pesos dominated bond fund segment during the 8th annual PIFA awards night 2014
  • FAMI-Save and Learn Money Market Fund, Inc.: 3rd Place for 1 year return and 2nd place for 3 year return for money market fund segment.
  • FAMI-Save and Learn Balanced Fund, Inc.: 3rd place for 1 year return, 2nd place for 3 year return and 1st place for 5 year return.
  • FAMI-SALEF Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc.: 2nd place for 5 year return.

Other Basic Guide on Mutual Fund Investing

Money Quote and Saying for the Day:

When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is. -Oscar Wilde

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