Electroneum ETN ICO Investment: Hot Money Making CryptoCurrency!

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 17, 2017

Electroneum ETN will be launch on November 1, 2017. This is a ICO opportunity. Electronuem ETN is another opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency. ICO investments is one of the hottest investment topics nowadays. Since BitCoin became popular in the trading world. Many companies or individuals are launching new cryptocurrencies, and this time – the Electroneum.

I bought Electroneum ETN amounting to $20 and it gives me more than 2,199 ETN. I used my BTC wallet to buy ETN. And I am hoping that Electroneum ETN price will increase tremendously on it launching. Why I bought ETN? Simply because ICO investment is an opportunity.


Update: I bought 7,967 ETN as of OCtober 17, 2017. So, wish me good luck to this ICO investment experience. Imagine buying an ICO worth pennies. And those pennies will turn to millions or even billions, soon. Oh, I almost forgot. Here is the tutorial on how to buy Electroneum ETN

Step 1: Create Electroneum account. Register here. Your referral/sponsor ID must 88C263

Step 2. Decide how many Electroneum ETN you want to purchase. You can use BTC wallet address, Ethereum or convert your dollar or Euro currency to ETN using third party trading platform (broker) like Kraken. In my case, I only used my BTC wallet address.

Step 3. Go to Dashboard, and use quick purchase. Wherein BTC address and ETh address are available for you to transfer funds in your account. Always use those address when buying ETN.

Electroneum ETN Updated Information 

One of the exciting thing about ETN is that it has already built a app, that is available to download in Google Play for android users.

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that you can easily mine for free via ETN app.

  • Electroneum ETN token sale begins September 21, 2017
  • Electroneum is an exciting new cryptocurrency like BitCoin BTC that works via a simple phone app.
  • ETN is the first British Cryptocurrency
  • Combining a decentralized blockchain and centralized marketing app. (Source: FinanceMagnates.com)

Electroneum ETN Stats (as of October 17, 2017)

  • Number of Token Sale Users: 219,479
  • Total Electroneum Sold: 3,018,976,632 ETN
  • Total Ethereum ETH Raised: 30,394.3133 ETH
  • Total BitCoin BTC Raised: 3,171.2071 BTC

I don’t want to share my prediction to Electroneum ETN price. What I am thinking is that ETN has a potential to get big and bigger in the near future. Please note that this post related to Electroneum ETN ICO opportunity is not an investment advice. Buy cryptocurrency at your own risk. Thank you!

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