Best Time and Places to Invest Money

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 7, 2013

Want to know the best time and places to invest money? This is what you are waiting for, because in my previous article I talked about how to retire a millionaire and become rich but didn’t mentioned how to really make it happen.

Today I will going to explain and teach you where should you invest your hard-earned money, the best place and the best time you should invest money just to be prepared for the near future. Do you know that the best time to invest money is now,  yes, now. Why? it is because the early time you invest the more money you can make, if you are familiar with different investment types, you will realize how great is to invest money at your young age.


Best Time and Places to Invest Money

If you are at old age now, I know what I am talking about, maybe you are thinking, you have a lot of time when you’re still young but you didn’t think about investing.

It’s not too late, you can still invest but a young man has an advantage if he will invest early, because of the power of compounding the interest or profits – simply means reinvesting the profits. Remember, the best time to invest money is now, at your young age!

Best Places to Invest Money

You decided to invest money, maybe because you want to have a better future, maybe you want to have a lot of money when you’re getting older and just travel in many different beautiful places or for your children’s education. I will let you decide to choose and think which is the best investment type to invest money with;

A. Real Estate Investment

If you are a real estate investor, you will triple or quadruple your money over time, because properties such as lot is not decreasing in value but it is increasing in value over time. You will buy a lot worth P1,000,000 today, after 10 years, you can sell it more than P1,000,000, did you get my point?

B. Invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds Etc.

In my desktop, I save the picture of Citisec Online, where in, if a man invest on stock market at the age of 25 with P5,000 worth of shares per month within 10 years, he will have a capital of P60,000 per month but overtime that capital will turn into P20,189, 953 (at the age of 65) We’ll going to discuss stock market later. For this is so much complicated. Simply means high risk has a great reward.

As a Guide: How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners? (5 Steps)

C. Invest on Your Dream Cars

You are planning to buy a car, or you want to buy just to impress other people, that’s a big mistake. Don’t buy a cra if you have no enough money, If I were you, you must invest on letter A or B, why?

It is because a car depreciate its value, if you will buy a car worth P1,000,000 today, don’t expect it to sell it more than P1,000,000 after 5 years. Just a point of view.

D. Invest on Your favorite Tech Gadgets

Same with car, if you love gadgets, you must think twice before buying expensive gadgets, a phone cannot have the same pictures as the digital camera, and a speed internet compare to regular desk top or laptop, why buy a phone that has lot of stuff like camera and internet browsing if it can’t give you satisfaction, phone can use specifically for call and text.

If you want a quality pictures then buy a digital camera not a phone worth P40,000. But it’s up to you, unless you are making money with your gadget, a gadget will also depreciate the value after it has been used, after 2 months or three.

I do hope you learned some things about the best time and places to invest money. Share this page with your friends. Your comments to this post is highly appreciated.

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