Where Should I Invest My Money for Good Returns

where should i invest my money for good returns

A newbie investor might ask; where should i invest my money for good returns? This is the right questions since the investor wants to invest and wants to make sure he can get the highest returns possible. It is true that investing can help the investors accumulate money faster. Imagine if you can double your money in […]

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How to Add Additional Domains in Your Hostgator WebHosting?

hostgator addon domain set up

Looking for HostGator addon domain tutorials? Want to know how to add additional domains in your Hostgator? Planning to create another website or blog using your HostGator hosting packages? If you only have a hatchling plan in HostGator, you are not allowed to add additional domains. Maybe that’s the the reasons why you can’t make […]

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Check Responsive Web Design for Mobile First Users


Want to see if you created a responsive web design for your blogger or WordPress blog? It is easy to test your blog or website pages if they are mobile-responsive to ensure that your visitors will have a great user experience whenever they will arrive in your blog or website. After you edit your CSS […]

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Install WordPress in Hostgator Using QuickInstall

quickinstall marketplace_mini

Here’s the guide on how to install WordPress in HostGator using QuickInstall. If you want to start your WordPress blog, this guide might be useful especially when you bought a HostGator web hosting services. Blogging in WordPress is very exciting. You can do a lot of things in WordPress and make your blog more beautiful […]

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How to Buy Domain at NameCheap.com?


I want to know how to buy a domain name and I prefer NameCheap as my domain registrant. I want to start a blog. Please guide me on how to do it. Thanks – Michael Domingo from Zambales, Philippines A readers asked questions about blogging. Michael from Zambales wants to start blogging but he don’t […]

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How to Compress Image File Size without Losing Quality

compress image file size online-min

Want to know how to compress image file size without losing quality? Do you know that you can lessen the size of your image file size easily online? Whether you are using the image for blog post, for presentations, or email attachment, it is important to compress the file size of your photo. Actually I am […]

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How to Show COL Financial Account Portfolio?

col financial portfolio

Do you want to show your COL Financial account portfolio? Want to know how much money do you still have in your account? There are only two steps to do this activity. In your COL Financial account portfolio, you will know the percentage allocated in a particular stocks you bought. The market price of the […]

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Open PhilEquity Individual Statement of Account

philequity individual statement of account

Here is the guide on how to know your mutual fund shares market value in your PhilEquity account. I choose to invest few amount of money in PhilEquity Fund, Inc. One of the best performing equity mutual funds in the Philippines. Whenever I check my email messages, I will first look for the statement of […]

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