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Today is July 29, 2016

Tips on Saving Money While Planning an Event

ticket admission
Planning an event is an exhausting process. It squeezes you financially, mentally and physically. But have no fear, these five tips will hep you to significantly cut your costs and help your event be more amazing than you planned. Carefully Plan the Event Venue Do not opt for a venue that you have never seen…

Guest Author on July 29, 2016

YOAST SEO Plugin Tutorial: Keyword & Readability Analysis On/Off

YOAST SEO Plugin Tutorial Enabling Keyword Readability Analysis-min
Here's another YOAST SEO Plugin tutorial. Here I want to share to all SEO addicts and YOAST SEO Plugin users how to turn off the keyword analysis and readability analysis whenever you want to create a new blog post. We (bloggers and webmasters) know that search engine optimization is very important. The On-Page SEO part…

Mary Grace on July 29, 2016

SSS Hotline Support Services: Philippines Social Security System

SSS Hotline Support Services: Philippines Social Security System
Here are the SSS Hotline that you can use whenever you want to get connected with the SSS support services. Do you know that as a SSS member, you can call the SSS hotline anytime to address whatever issues, questions or concerns you want to ask to your account or to any of the SSS services…

Editorial Staff on July 29, 2016

Attending Online Classes: Is Getting Distance Learning Courses Good?

online classes students picture-min
Is attending online classes a waste of time? What are the advantages and disadvantages of online classes? Should you prefer to get distance learning courses than a traditional education wherein you will attend university to take your desired college courses? Do you know that attending online classes can help you save money? Do you also…

Editorial Staff on July 29, 2016

What Do I Need to Buy a Car?

What Do I Need to Buy a Car-min
A reader asked "what do i need to buy a car". What are things do i need to prepare if I will purchase a second hand car and a brand new car. Are the documents needed the same? Buying a car is great. It is exciting especially the car you are buying is your dream…

Editorial Staff on July 28, 2016

SEO Techniques: Popular Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO Techniques Google Penguin Safe
Too many SEO techniques we can read on forums and blogs. SEO experts share their ideas on how to rank our blog or website using specific keywords. Which SEO strategy do we need to use in order for us to not waste time and get the results we really want for our blog/web pages. Making…

Editorial Staff on July 27, 2016

Using PayPal Without Verifying Your SSN Social Security Number

using paypal for domain renewal-min
Did you find using PayPal so complicated? If you have a PayPal account but you can't verified it using your SSN or social security number, what is the possible solution for that problem? First of all, having a PayPal account is awesome. You can shop online conveniently if your PayPal account has funds on it.…

Editorial Staff on July 26, 2016

Want to Buy Tires? Top Brands in Tire Industry

buy tires like michelin tire in photo-min
How can I buy tires online with free shipping? Are there online shopping sites that are selling tires of any brand? If I am from Canada, will they ship my tires for free? Let me share some of the useful tips I considered as my checklist whenever I want to buy tires for my auto.…

Editorial Staff on July 26, 2016

Developers Should Code, Designers Should Study Business

html code
It is more than clear to everyone that a world of modern business simply couldn’t function without designers. This being said, the need for quality designers is constantly on the rise, but this poses yet another question. What is it that makes one into a quality designer? Sure, being skilled with the code is one…

Guest Author on July 25, 2016

Answers to Questions About Real Legitimate Investment Options

Answers to Questions About Legitimate or Real Investment Options
There are many answers to questions related to "investing". A fan of InvestmentTotal.com asked a question about "real investment". The question is easy to understand, but when it comes to investing terminologies, the word "real investment" simply means "an investment about real estate properties or any tangible assets. Ask Questions Get Answers: Here in InvestmentTotal.com,…

Editorial Staff on July 24, 2016

Used Ford Explorer for Sale Online

ford explorer models
Looking for used Ford Explorer for sale? Want to own a Ford Explorer Sport? Which one do you prefer? Explorer, XLT, Limited Edition or Sport?  Maybe you ask, why Ford Explorer? There are many SUV out there. What's the reasons why should I buy Explorer. Here's a simple description of Ford Explorer from a reputable…

Editorial Staff on July 24, 2016