How Does Investing for Retirement Works?

How Does Investing for Retirement Works
Investing for retirement is highly recommended. There are many reasons why should you invest your money. Maybe you invest money because you are preparing money for your child education. Other people invest their money because they want to have enough money for their dream grand vacation. Some people wants to buy a car, other wants…

Mary Grace on November 25, 2016

How to Discuss Financial Investment to Your Spouse?

Couple Discussing Finances
You’re not going to start bad arguments with your spouse with regards to financial investments topics. Investing is very exciting especially if you know that you and your whole family will get benefits from it. I think one of the reasons why spouses disagree to invest some portion of their family’s income is because they…

Mary Grace on November 14, 2016

Scams and Fraud Prevention if You’re Looking for Investment Opportunity

Scams and Fraud Prevention for Everyone Looking for Investment Opportunity
Here is the simple guide related to scams and fraud. This page is very useful for anyone who is looking for an investment opportunity online, work from home jobs on the internet, lottery information online and for those people seeking for "getting rich quick" tips to avoid getting scammed. Do you want to know how…

Mary Grace on November 13, 2016

How to Set Financial Goals for Retirement?

A reader asked; how to set financial goals and achieve them for my future? I simply responded three things. First is knowing the target earning asset for retirement, second is have a investment horizon and third is what to do with his acquired assets. Most readers of Total Investment blog is asking he same question since…

Mary Grace on November 11, 2016

Lessons from President Donald Trump: My Whole Life is About Winning

President Donald Trump We Will Make America Great Again
Donald Trump shocked the whole world. Many people don't even think he will win in the US Presidential Election. Donald Trump once said; "My whole life is about winning. I don't lose often. I almost never lose.". What can you say about that statement? I wonder why other people hate this smart guy. He's a…

Mary Grace on November 10, 2016

Ways to Buy US Government Bonds (Investing Tips for Americans)

Ways to Buy US Government Bonds (Investing Tips for Americans)
How and where to buy US government savings bonds? A question asked by a reader from Delaware, USA. As I’ve explained before, government bonds are safe investment because bonds are issued by the government. You and the government has agreement when you invest in bonds. This simply means the government can give you investment return…

Mary Grace on October 20, 2016

Ask the Readers: The Purpose of Investing Your Money

purpose of investing
Ask the Investors: Why Are You Investing? Hi, as you have noticed this blog is too personal blogging about my investments in stocks and mutual funds and other things related to personal finance. Let me ask you a simple question, why are you investing? What is the purpose of your investments, please share it as…

Mary Grace on October 19, 2016

How to Redeem Money in Canada Savings Bonds?

purpose of savings account
Awhile ago, I talked about Canada Savings Bonds, today let's talk about how to redeem your investment funds or what we call it Canada Savings Bond Redemption Guide. There are investors who are willing to invest their hard earned money in this type of investment. Canada savings program is an investment opportunity for the Canadian…

Mary Grace on October 15, 2016

How to Stop Money-Wasting Habit?

Money wasting habit can easily avoid. In personal finance, we teach how to save money not how to waste money. As well in investing lessons, we share our knowledge on how to make our money work for us. There are things that can easily prevent us from wasting our money. And there are also things…

Mary Grace on October 15, 2016

Ways to Fund Your FOREX Trading Account Online

Free Trading Forex Booklet from National Futures Association
Want to know how to fund your forex trading account online? Funding your FOREX trading account online seems to be easy especially if you are tech savvy, a computer literate and know how to follow simple instructions. Currency trading nowadays become a popular type of investing. Although it is risky, people still wants to invest…

Mary Grace on October 14, 2016

You Can Start Investing in Stocks with Low Investment Capital

investing in stocks online by day trader
Want to know how to invest in stocks with little money as your investment capital? Learn how to invest a little money in the stock market today. Nowadays, stock investing is very easy. There are stock broker companies who allows investors to trade online. Stock investing is one of the high risks types of investments.…

Mary Grace on October 11, 2016

Where to Find Stock Market News About Stock Market Today?

Search CNN Money Business and Personal Finance News for Stock Quote
Want to find stock market news? Stock market investors are looking for the latest stock market news, trends and stock quotes everyday. They are also looking for recommendation on which is the best stocks to buy today. Based on my own experience, whenever I want to read stock market news I just visited some financial…

Mary Grace on October 10, 2016

Investment Question: Should I Invest $50,000 in Equities or Bonds?

invest 50000 today
The right way to invest $50,000 using asset allocation. Invest 50,000 dollars in bonds, stocks, mutual funds, business & real estate for diversification. Where to invest 50,000 dollars? A reader of asked me about this question on investing, he asked "Is it better to invest $50,000 in Equities or bonds? I received an email…

Mary Grace on October 4, 2016