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Posted by Mary Grace under Retirement Planning on February 28, 2016

Writers can join us if they are knowledgeable about “retirement planning”, “saving and investing for retirement” and “financial planning”. If you are a personal finance blogger, you can join us and share your talents in writing. When writing, you don’t have to an expert just to make your articles get approved in this blog. One good reasons why you should write for RetirementPlanningIQ.com is that this blog will stay longer on the web. I will keep this domain for as long as I have loyal readers. Also, I am passionate about planning for retirement.

Maybe you asked; what topics should I write in this blog? You can write about “retirement”. Just look at the top 10 categories of this blog, you can share your knowledge about these subjects;


Suggested Topics for Writers of RPIQ

  1. Retirement Planning – give our readers some tips and tricks how to plan for their retirement.
  2. Best Places to Retire – share your ideas and knowledge about the best places to live during your retirement.
  3. Early Retirement – write your own idea on how to retire early.
  4. Retirement Accounts – give some insights about the different types of retirement accounts.
  5. Retirement Savings – help every readers by giving them a effective tips on how to save enough money to retire comfortably.
  6. Retirement Age – write what you know about the ideal age for retirement, maybe 40, 55 or 65?
  7. Retirement Quotes – share your favorite quotes, inspirational and motivational quotes about retirement.
  8. Retirement Gift Ideas – let’s talk about the best gifts that we can give to every retirees.
  9. Happy Retirement – what do you think is the most effective ways to retire happy?
  10. Retirement Community – if you have no idea on what to write about, read the questions of readers in this retirement online community and answer them using your article.
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Guest Posting Guidelines to Writers

RPIQ specific guidelines when writing an article. Follow this guideline so that your article will publish in this site. Retirement Planning IQ has simple and easy to follow guidelines for writers.

  1. Minimum of 400 words.
  2. Articles must be uniquely written by the guest author.
  3. All articles must pass the copy escape test.

Writers can Contact the Admin

See, there are only three rules when writing an article for this site. If you want to be my guest writer. Just submit your articles at ai_kem@yahoo.com with a subject “New Article“.

From time to time, I will also conduct some article writing contest for loyal writer who contribute articles to Retirement Planning IQ.com. Just wait for the announcement on RPIQ Facebook page or Twitter. Thank you and Enjoy Writing.

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