What is Your New Year Resolution for 2016?

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on December 24, 2015

Let me know what is your new year resolution for 2016. Awhile ago, I posted an article on how to make a new year resolution effectively. There are many benefits you can get when you create your own resolutions in this coming new year (2016).

I will allow you to share your new year’s resolution in the comment box below. But before that, let me share what’s mine so that you will have an idea. I think about this new year’s resolution carefully. It has something to do to improve every areas of my life.


My New Year’s Resolution for 2016

Be serious in making your new year resolution for 2016. It will really change your life. Make your new year resolution simple. You can start by asking yourself regarding your financial situation, your relationship to your family, friends, best friends, other people, neighbors and  more importantly your relationship with God. What is your new year resolution with regards to your health, career or job?

new year resolution for 2016

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Good Health

By year 2016, I will start getting perfect body. I will spend few minutes everyday to jog and run and improve my cardiovascular. I will only eat what I need. No sweet foods, less coffee and less instant food. I will sleep early. 9 o’clock in the evening should be my bed time. Whatever I am doing on that time, I should stop and take time to rest to become more productive in the following days.

Attitude and Self Discipline

I am moody actually. I will make sure that I am getting a good habit. I must admit I have no self-discipline sometimes. I used to talk unprofessionally sometimes, I will practice to become more professional and more well-behaved in any situation.

Write More Useful Post

One of my big weakness is writing a blog post with good grammar. I am not good in English but I am trying to improve my writing. I sued tow rite blog post less than 500 words. In 2016, as my new year resolution, I will post epic content or pillar articles that consist of “2,000” or more words like the best post I have written for this month of December 2015 entitled “how to build wealth”.

Invest as Much as I Can

Ow, this is my favorite. Last year I tell myself that I should increase my net worth for at least 25%. I achieved that goal. And my new year resolution is to keep on investing every month within 12 months on year 2016. Sometimes, I skip a month for my investments and it was a big sin for me to not invest.

Considering I renew my life insurance and strengthen my emergency funds, investing for me this year 2016 is a habit. I am addicted to investing. I am in a hurry but carefully investing my money. I am in a hurry because I want to acquire my target earning asset to retire early.

What about you? What is your new year resolution for 2016? Share it in the comment box below. Thank you for reading. May you have a successful and prosperous life on year 2016 and beyond.

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13 comments on “What is Your New Year Resolution for 2016?

  1. Chick Boy says:

    Haha, it is not easy to quit smoking Alvin. The best thing to do this new year is to do what you want in life. Life is too short. Enjoy it. Have fun. Smoke, drink and have sex. That’s cool, right?

  2. Christine Valdez says:

    Thank you for the new year resolution ideas Grace. I am a parent and one my new year resolution is to stop “yelling” every time when I am not in the mood.

  3. Joey Game Hunter says:

    Is there any other suggestions about new year resolution for students? I am a student in Grade 8, I am very lazy in doing my home work. I hope my mom will not see my comments here. Joey here from San Francisco

  4. William Paul says:

    This is one of the good new year resolution ideas I ever read. I think my focus is on my health, increase family income and relationship…^_^ Thanks for the suggestion Grace. Happy new year.

  5. Alvin Israel says:

    Hi Grace, this is awesome post. Many people are making their own new year’s resolution but it’s funny they are not serious in it. On 2016, one of my new year resolution is to quit smoking. How can I do that? Please give me some sort of advice. Happy new year Grace.

  6. Dragon Fire says:

    I will stop drinking beer, I will stop playing sex with my girlfriends, (yeah I am a two timer), I will stop smoking, I will stop over spending…are these some new years resolutions funny? hehe..

  7. Jacky Yukozaiv says:

    Here are my top 10 new years resolutions on 2016…Thank you Grace for writing this topic…
    1. quit smoking
    2. stop gambling
    3. stop playing online games
    4. stop wasting my time on facebook
    5. i will become more calm
    6. i will never say bad words
    7. i will keep my word
    8. i will lose weight
    9. will spend less and save more money
    10. i will stay fit and healthy

  8. Michael Bewario says:

    Grace for me these are the popular new year resolution ideas, “to lose weight and get fit”, “spend more time with family” and ” be less stress in work”.

  9. Santa Claus in Paris says:

    On year 2016, my new year resolution is to become a volunteer in protecting the environment.

  10. Robert Poreiro says:

    I want to travel more places and while I am traveling, one of my new year resolutions is to learn new skills or hobbies like playing guitar or drawing.

  11. Mickey Doo says:

    I stop eating junk food junk food ..I am only 13. I can’t stop junk food junk food …they are delicious especially those “crackers”..

  12. Sexy Lady says:

    I want to keep my body sexy and hot, so yoga for the new year is good for me..Happy new year Grace..I know many ladies out there will try yoga this coming new year 2016.

  13. Olga BFF says:

    Here are the good new year resolutions, Grace allow me to add these to your lists;
    1. Make my parents proud
    2. Keep worshiping and praising God in good times and in bad.
    3.Become a responsible parents.
    4. Become a responsible citizen.
    5. Eliminate negative thoughts in my life.
    6. Stop wasting my time to every people who belittle my ambition.
    7. Choose good friends (good influence).

    Happy new year Grace.Wish you more Peace, love, joy and prosperity on 2016 and beyond.

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