Walang Pasok Announcement Philippine Government Agencies

Posted by Grace under Latest News on October 15, 2017

Walang Pasok is one of the most awaited announcement in the Philippines today or tomorrow due to many reasons. If there is a Walang Pasok announcement, that means there will be a class suspension today or tomorrow. Some teachers and students are asking “may pasok ba?“, “may pasok ba bukas?” And other government employees would also like to know if there will be a work suspension in every department such as DepEd, Malacanang, DOLE, POEA, SSS, GSIS, NBI, DFA, etc.

Even in the newspaper, television, radio and social media, you can get a clear announcement about Walang Pasok, you just type the word #walangpasok in the search bar and the latest news about “walang pasok” will be shown. So, whatever you want to know, class suspension, work suspension, just use your mobile phone and search #walangpasok in different social media.


Walang Pasok Announcement Philippine Government Agencies

Here are the reasons why there are announcement related to Walang Pasok, so be aware if you are not sure whether the class or work is suspended or not.

  • Walang pasok due to typhoon, calamities, strikes, special holidays, legal holidays, world holidays, current events, Malacanang announcements, conferences, SONA, etc.

walang pasok announcement

How to Be Productive kapag Walang Pasok

There are many ways to enjoy and be productive when classes or work suspended. You can do your office work in your home, some teachers may prepare their lesson plans, instructional materials, other government employees are spending quality time with their loved ones like going to the mall, picnic, visiting other loved ones or doing household chores together.

As a tip: just visit this Walang Pasok page of InvestmentTotal.com and read the comments below. For more information and clear announcement about the class suspension or work suspension, visit the official website of your local municipality or province. Thank you!

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  1. Grace says:

    #WalangPasok Announcement: Malacanang Palace orders nationwide suspension of government work, classes in all levels, public and private on Monday, October 16, 2017. Reason: the problem of the jeepney operators and drivers strike!!!

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