Top Secret of Becoming Rich

Posted by Grace under Money on August 7, 2013

Want to know the top secret of becoming rich today? To become rich, you must know the best places and the best time to invest money, learned something from this post before you read the top secret of becoming rich.

Read some of this secret and tips on how to get wealthy, if becoming rich is your goal, you must read this simple post. One of the main reason why you are not rich is because you are not a financial literate person, or can we say, you are not smart enough when we speak of finances. There are books out there that provides financial literacy, you can buy a book that cost P50, “ang pera na hindi bitin” is my first book about how to become financial literate, easy to understand book, a tagalog english guide on how to become financial literate.


You can also read some blog about business and finances, read this blog although this is about “how to get a job easily”, but I am sure it will help you how to become rich, because the blog owner is a rich guy already. Give me drum roll, pleaaaseee.

To God be the glory. Thank you Lord. Aside from books and finance blogs, you can also attend seminars, please attend seminars that are experts in finances, experts in business and investing, so that they will teach you their experiences on how to become one – a rich guy.

Top Secret of Becoming Rich

  • Don’t work hard for money, let the money work hard fro you.
  • Make use the power of compound interest.
  • Do leverage money and leverage time.
  • Have a millionaire’s mindset.
  • Believe in yourself, you can get rich.
  • Don’t see or even think yourself as “poor”.
  • Don’t envy rich and successful people, admire them.

Plan Your Financial Future

After you have read books, blogs and attended seminars about financial literacy, than you must take action and you must have a plan, to have a plan you must set your goal, when and what age do you want to become rich, why you become rich and how to become one? Plan with action might help, not just to dream.

Budget Your Money Wisely

When budgeting your money, it is great to set aside your money for investing and saving, i’ve talked about this matter on “how to retire a millionaire successfully?”. Please read it, you can open it in the new tab for easy reading for this guide.

Save Money Wisely

To save money is very important for financial future, you must save for your retirement, college funds, and of course do not forget emergency funds. Just in case there is an emergency, you can get some money on your emergency funds not on your savings account.

Investing Money Early is the Top Secret of Becoming Rich

To save money is important, to invest money is a must, so that your money will grow over time, when and where to invest your hard-earned money can read here, please read it silently, another thing is, you can also invest on setting up a new business, do not invest or waste your money on the things that depreciate their value.

It is because the time is your best financial ally. So, invest money early if you want to become rich.

Make a Lot of Money Everyday

It is up to you how much you want to make, to make millions is not the mindset of rich persons, they think they will acquire more money everyday, a millionaire wants to become a billionaire,  they will make more and more money, until they become the most rich person in the world, if that is your ambition, then you can become rich easily. Just don’t forget, plan and act on it to achieve that ambition.

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Adapt the Millionaire’s Mindset

You must adapt the millionaire’s mindset, you must think what they are thinking, you must act, the way they act, you must manage your money the way they manage their money, you must think positively, you must think abundance and health, and focus your mind on riches and prosperity not on poverty and sickness.

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Ultimate Goal: Happy and Rich

My ultimate goal in life is to become happy and rich, how to achieve that goal? I hope you agree with all my ideas on how to become rich – these are the top secret of becoming rich.

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