Tips on Saving Money While Planning an Event

Posted by Guest Author under Personal Finance on July 29, 2016

Planning an event is an exhausting process. It squeezes you financially, mentally and physically. But have no fear, these five tips will hep you to significantly cut your costs and help your event be more amazing than you planned.

  1. Carefully Plan the Event Venue

Do not opt for a venue that you have never seen or heard about before. Also, try and not go with the ones that are over promoted, and thus, probably quite expensive. They might prove to be a bit too expensive for your budget. Rather, before you choose, be sure to sit down, collect all the dos and don’ts on all possible venues and decide which ones are the best option regarding the capacity, location, access, amenities and price.


  1. How to Handle Catering?

Depending on the type of event you are holding, you will have to make sure that there are food and drinks available. You definitely don’w want people feeling hungry or thirsty. The key solution for this is choosing a service that gets you the best possible value for money. Remember to hold interviews with various catering services, and try to get the very best deal possible.

  1. Traveling Costs Can Be High

Whether you are trying to help the performers travel to the event, or if you are trying to organize transport for the attendees, you need to make sure that you do not overspend your budget. The best way to get prices down, and to get even a bonus is to negotiate with the suppliers. On the other hand, when you feel that negotiations are going south, you can always walk away from the discussion and find another similar service.

  1. Send Necessary Information Digitally

Using emails or any other digital tool to send out the most important information about your event can save you tons of money. Also, be able to do it as subtly as possible. You want to remain responsible and trustworthy, and that is why you wont abuse your clients’ email accounts. Nobody likes spam. You should strive to keep these emails short and concise, and above all – relevant. You want people to read them, not delete them.

  1. Sell Your Tickets Online

If you start selling tickets online, not only will you be able to save a fortune on printing, but it will be easier to hand out, and to get more money. Not only that, if you’re using another online service for ticket sale and distribution, selling your own online tickets might save you a ton of money in commissions. After all, you are cutting out the middle man, meaning that you can get more profit in the end. Nevertheless, without the help of a good plugin tool for your wordpress website, tracking and selling will be a nightmare. The wp event ticketing system is extremely helpful as it does a lot, and without the need to check in with you. Moreover, if you automate it, you can focus on other more important things as well.

Making money from an event can be just barely enough to pay off everything and everyone involved. You are usually left with a little bit to hope for. However, with some great ideas to save up money, you can make sure that your event will go smoothly and that you can end it with some serious money in your pocket. Nonetheless, you should never sacrifice quality in order to earn some money, as it will not be worth it.

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