Lifetime Guide to Money from Wall Street Journal

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on January 16, 2015

I have the copy of the book. By reading the Lifetime Guide to Money published by The Wall Street Journal, I know I will become more knowledgeable about personal finance especially investing in stocks and mutual funds. Reading personal finance books are one of my favorite past time hobby. My goal is to finish reading this book that has 600 pages with 10 chapters. It seems like I am reading an encyclopedia.

Awhile ago, I review some personal finance book. I started reviewing the book of Brian O’Connel entitled Build
By this time, I will read wealth encyclopedia. I hate reading books wherein the ideas are only copied from someone else. When I browse some chapters and read some lines in the book, the contents are unique and original. So I decide to spend some time for the 2015 to read Chapter by Chapter.


Lifetime Guide to Money from Wall Street Journal

Here are the awesome lessons from this book;

Chapter 1: Taking Control of Your Finances
Chapter 2: Mastering the Secret of Successful Investing
Chapter 3: Finding Your Way through the Insurance Maze
Chapter 4: Making the Most of Your Benefits
Chapter 5: Handling Family Finances and Estate Planning
Chapter 6: The Smart Ways to Deal with Debt
Chapter 7: Managing the Real Estate Balancing Act
Chapter 8: Cutting Your Taxes and Saving Your Sanity
Chapter 9: Steering Clear of Mistakes and Scams
Chapter 10: Putting the Pieces Together When You Do Not Fit the Mold
Glossary: Watchwords of Wealth

I would like to thank the following Personal Finance Staff of The Wall Street Journal who wrote the individual chapters;

  • Lynn Asinof
  • Jonathan Clements
  • Karen Damato
  • Tom Herman
  • Goergette Jasen
  • Deborah Lohse
  • Ellen E. Shcultz
  • C. Frederic Wiegold – Personal Finance Editor

Disclaimer: The Wall Street Journal is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

I will post the progress about my self-study in this blog. Of course I will only read the book every weekend with my free time. I may consider reading the book Lifetime Guide to Money book as a mini-course, a self-study in personal finance.

As personal finance blogger, I should expand my knowledge in this field (finance). So that I can share useful information to the readers of I have a lot of personal finance books, but I should focus only to this one. I may say, all I need to know about personal finance especially investing in stocks are all written in the book of The Wall Street Journal’s Lifetime Guide to Money.

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